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I’ll give you a home sweeping robot Yesterday, the grocery store launched a sweeping robot, presumably we are more concerned about the actual effect of it, in the end can not like the legend of the same, after the explosion of 5000 yuan price products". At 8 o’clock this evening, please lock the Phoenix News client technology sector, TeX gold beauty host Eva will be accompanied by a plume of cold and detailed comparison of this 1699 yuan sweeping robot. Then you should ask, depending on what live ah, what are the benefits? Because we will send a home sweeping robot! Notice posters concern TeX WeChat public number, view the history of the news, and then today’s WeChat headlines to send you a meter home sweeping robot, do you want? | problem "forwarded to the circle of friends, and send us the screenshot circle of friends, will get sweepstakes eligibility, we will live in 8 tonight announced the winning user. WeChat two-dimensional code old drivers are in place, you do not get on it? Eva together with you this week to see contrast sweeping robot "problem" to everyone, what is the question: Q1: LETV mobile phone headset headset without creating a hole, hole in the end mobile phone to stay or not, the future will cancel the headset hole? Feather cold: if there is no accident, then the iPhone 7 will cancel the headphone hole, so the next year there will certainly be a lot of mobile phones to follow suit, cancel the headphone hole, the future is not impossible to cancel all the. But it’s just a transfer line for everyone, so there’s nothing to worry about…… Q2: old drivers, please Note 3 Note 4 red rice, red rice, red rice Pro three mobile phone what is different? (Xiao Feng) plume cold: red rice Pro compared to red rice Note 4 major upgrade lies in the dual camera, fast charging, USB-C and other hardware features. Two products in the low version of the processor and the architecture is basically the same, so you want to buy a cheaper Note 4 or more features of red rice Pro. Red rice Note 3 is an old product, it is recommended not to buy new old. Q3: the message is not, forget (Rodger) Eva: congratulations on your success missed the opportunity to win, only to ask questions in order to win Oh = =Q4: how to use the solar cell phone progress? Will this be achieved? Looking forward to it! (A Liang) plume cold: the main problem of solar charging is slow…… A few days ago, KYOCERA demonstrated a solar charger, conversion should be charged 5 minutes to talk for 2 minutes…… So don’t wait…… Q5: now with millet 4 mobile phone, the original battery can use a day. Now half a day is almost no electricity, and said that the lithium battery is no memory, but why the phone with the longer the use of the battery more and more useless? Is there a way to recover? (sunflower) plume cold: Although there is no memory of lithium batteries, but also loss. This loss Never mind and your habits, is mainly used for a long time, days and months multiplying. There is no good way to recover, or find a replacement for the millet battery bar. Right, and finally congratulations to WeChat users to get this issue of sunflower to the question of the prize: Misfit Shine 2 Bracelet ~!相关的主题文章:

Wang Xiaodong met with the general manager of China Construction Corporation, – Hubei Channel – Peop-mia farrow

General manager Wang Xiaodong met with the construction company, Wang Xiangming – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn 12, deputy secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Xiaodong met with the general manager of Chinese Construction Engineering Corporation Wang Xiangming in the Han Dynasty, talks on strengthening bilateral strategic cooperation. Vice governor Xu Kezhen attended the meeting. Wang Xiaodong on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to welcome a welcome to, China Construction Corporation has long expressed support for Hubei’s economic and social development and contribution. He said that the China Construction Corporation has a long history and strong strength, with a solid foundation for cooperation in Hubei, broad prospects. At present, the national implementation of the "The Belt and Road", the Yangtze River economic belt and other major strategy, highlight the strategic position of Hubei in the country’s development pattern, enhance the Hubei East and West, the South with the north location function, Hubei provides a more broad development space and favorable conditions. I hope the construction company to further deepen strategic cooperation with Hubei, actively docking Hubei "13th Five-Year" planning, increase the project planning and construction, expand effective investment, especially to achieve greater breakthroughs in the PPP mode of cooperation. Hubei will further optimize the investment environment, improve service levels, to support the construction company in Hubei investment, the global industrial development, help Hubei to speed up the built fulcrum in the forefront ". Wang Xiangming thanked the provincial Party committee and government for the construction of the company and the construction of three strong support. He said that the company has been Hubei as key areas for the implementation of the "four in one" strategy, support in the construction of three Hubei based, deep Hubei, vigorously implement the "Hubei" strategy. The construction company will continue to play their own advantages, to speed up project approval landing, promote the construction of industrial development, and actively participate in the construction of Hubei province "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt, full integration of economic and social development in Hubei. (Gan Yong) (commissioning editor Wang Zhenxiang and Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章:

Zhengzhou rural poor full-time undergraduate students can apply for 4000 yuan subsidy-wetnwild

Apply for a subsidy of 4000 yuan to Washington for the solution of rural poor students on rural poverty in Zhengzhou before the menace from the rear, full-time undergraduate students each year, Poverty Alleviation Office, the Municipal Finance Bureau, City Bureau of Education jointly issued the "rules for the implementation of Zhengzhou City full-time undergraduate student poverty subsidy program (Trial)", to encourage and guide the rural participatory poverty accept full-time undergraduate education, the applicant if eligible, every year can enjoy 4000 yuan student grants, two times a year to declare the opportunity. Zheng financial media reporter Dong Yanzhu who? Our city rural participatory poverty population for full-time undergraduates under the "Implementing Rules (Trial)", from the 2016 fall semester, will attend full-time undergraduate financial aid policies in place. The Municipal Rural participatory poverty population subsidy support object receiving full-time undergraduate education for the city, and provincial rural participatory poverty population receiving full-time undergraduate education in foreign universities. In addition, the Provincial Department of Education issued a provincial poverty of full-time undergraduate education in Colleges in the province to give $4000 annual subsidy measures, the rules for the implementation of this part is no longer enjoy subsidies given poor repeat subsidies. Fill how many? Every student can enjoy every 4000 yuan to support enjoy the support policy should meet 3 conditions, one is the rural poverty population and participatory. The two is to accept full-time undergraduate education, children of poor families in school learning, and in the Ministry of education student management system full-time undergraduate institutions of professional registration. Three is a voluntary application, to enjoy the grant of the object of support should be made by students I apply for grants. Support period how long? The children of poor families during participatory full-time undergraduate education at school, student can enjoy financial subsidies. Eligible poor people for the first time after receiving the subsidy for poverty alleviation, regardless of whether or not their families are out of poverty, continue to enjoy the support policy. Poverty alleviation subsidy standards for 4000 yuan per student per year. How to fill? Three kinds of subsidies to subsidize students. Where poor people meet the conditions, regardless of the school where the family, may apply to the local county (city, district) poverty alleviation department for poverty alleviation aid. Direct subsidy to households. The object of poverty alleviation aid is rural participatory poverty population, agriculture subsidy funds will be through the "one card (folded) through direct payment to the applicant of poor families. Installment payment. Each school year is divided into the fall semester, spring semester two applications, audit, grant funds are divided into semesters, 2000 yuan per semester. Application process required by the declaration, review, publicity, subsidies 4 links. After the county poverty alleviation Department confirmed the subsidy object, fill in the summary form, in conjunction with the financial sector to complete the payment of subsidies. When to declare? Spring and autumn each have a return spring semester: March 1st ~4 month 30 days during the reporting, complete the review before May 20th, May 31st subsidies summary reports municipal Poverty Alleviation Office for the record, before the end of July subsidies in place. Fall semester: September 1st ~10 month 31 days into.相关的主题文章:

Protection of the uterus a few tips – Sohu mother-cad2012序列号和密钥

The protection of the uterus a few tips – Sohu maternal and child health for the baby, the physical consumption is very large, especially for our secret base – the uterus. Therefore, we must pay attention to the uterus after production maintenance, maintenance of uterus note? What are the uterus maintenance measures? Uterus maintenance first step: nutritional supplements often eat bean products, drink Green Tea, can complement the phytoestrogen, risk can be endometrialcancer rate down to 46%. Reasonable arrangements for three meals nutrition, eat more rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements of food, reduce high-fat foods. High fat foods to promote the production and release of certain hormones, and the formation of uterine fibroids and a large number of estrogen stimulation, adhere to a low-fat diet, drink plenty of water. Eat spicy, wine, frozen food etc.. Postpartum uterine maintenance of the second step: exercise to do a little bit of uterine recovery. Through a simple way to restore the uterus, accelerate the secretion of hormones. To increase uterine function, prevent uterine bleeding and uterine prolapse of the movement: double knee kneeling on the bed, straight waist, chest and face as close as possible to the bed surface, to maintain 5 minutes. Then lay in bed, do abdomen hip movement, feel your body together with the contraction of the uterus. Swimming is the best way to exercise the uterus. It can strengthen the blood circulation, promote metabolism, can effectively avoid the adverse effects of the earth’s attraction to the uterus. Recommended to swim 2 hours a week. The third step: the maintenance of postpartum uterine massage massage cervical part of the uterus recovery is very favorable, as follows: the palm of your hand with the palm of the hand rub, pushing up from below to the upper abdomen, palms and fingertips massage with hot thigh, from the inside oblique upward, with the palm of the heat paste in the lower abdomen, with breath sinking. If there is a condition with the best combination of yoga "ovary" essential oil massage, the effect is better. Postpartum uterine maintenance fourth steps: adequate sleep sleep secretion of growth hormone in the body is the most. Growth hormone but we quickly restore body essential oh. The postpartum uterus maintenance precautions to uterus recovering well, pregnant women should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, timely micturition postpartum to timely micturition, so as not to make the bladder distension or too often in the expansion of the state. 2, avoid long-term decubitus postpartum 6~8 hours, mothers can sit up in second days after the elimination of fatigue, can get out of bed, which is beneficial to the body physiological function and physical recovery, help the uterus recovery and discharge of lochia. Bed rest as far as possible to take a left or right lying posture, to avoid lying on the back, in order to prevent the back of the uterus; if the uterus has been bent backward, should be done to correct the knee chest position. 3, breastfeeding breast feeding is not only conducive to the growth and development of the baby, and the baby’s sucking reflex will stimulate uterine contraction, thereby promoting the recovery of the uterus. 4, pay attention to the health of the perineum should pay attention to health, so as not to cause genital tract inflammation, further affect the recovery of the uterus. Thank you for your attention.相关的主题文章:

Artificial intelligence, Mars migration…… Want to know what the future See musk is how to say (v-cibi

Artificial intelligence, Mars migration…… Want to know what the future? See musk is how to say [editor’s note] generation AI (Elon Musk · Elon Musk;) is a legend, but also a genius. He founded the Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity and other influential companies. He is a dreamer, people often think of him and Jobs together. Musk recently accepted the famous American business accelerator Y Combinator interview, Gen AI (micro signal: tencentAI) will be the essence of the content of the interview is carried out, through these thoughts and words, you may be able to see the future. In conversation with Sam, President of Y (Sam Altman), Mask talked about a lot of topics in the conversation of Combinator. The interview was carried out by Tesla’s production line. Mask: man is the best carrier of artificial intelligence is the following generation AI (micro signal: tencentAI) the essence of the content arrangement: Chicken Soup – engage in socially useful things is very good, do not need to change the world. The doctor’s degree in most cases is useless, only a few cases useful. The musk is very scared, but there are some things too important, you are convinced that you even fear, will do. Artificial intelligence – the most important thing is artificial intelligence, will have the greatest impact on the future of mankind. Gene technology will be the second most important technology behind artificial intelligence. 25 years ago, 5 things in the university thought of musk: interstellar migration, sustainable energy, the whole Internet, gene science and artificial intelligence. If the advanced AI technology is a company or a minority of people, will be very dangerous, because it may be bad to steal, the evil dictator may be sent spies to steal it, control it. The future of human society will become a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence. The focus of this year – musk is the production machine machine, is the car factory, factory two higher grades than the importance of electric vehicles. A technology – the only smart people engaged in a crazy job, can get better. About 80% of the time spent on the musk of engineering technology and design. On Entrepreneurship – return on investment is not musk business goals. – as long as you can accept the possibility of success or failure, so the fear will fade. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla’s success rate is very low, may have lost it all, but Mask accepted this possibility. About the future – musk will thinking about developing high bandwidth for the human interface to connect the cerebral cortex and digital self. Establish a self-sufficient colony on Mars, a growth of the colonization of Mars, is likely to succeed. – about 10 years, you can make a certain number of humans on mars. In recent years, musk repeatedly talked about the possible dangers of artificial intelligence. In this interview, the artificial intelligence singularity, he gives a different view. Mask said, "I.相关的主题文章: