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Henan Provincial People’s Congress held a special lecture — Henan branch network: People’s original title: Provincial People’s Congress held a special lecture, September 28th afternoon, the provincial people’s Congress held a special lecture. Liu Chunliang, Liu Mancang, Wang Baocun, Duan Xizhong, Secretary General Zhang Qisheng, provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee and cadres of the NPC Standing Committee attended the special lecture. Wang Jinnan, vice president and chief engineer of the Environmental Planning Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, was invited to give a lecture on "environmental challenges and ecological civilization governance in China". Wang Jinnan analysis of the environmental governance, facing the development of China’s ecological protection, public health, social stability and other challenges in the lecture, data, charts, case shows the present situation of the ecological environment, elaborated on China’s "13th Five-Year" during the general idea, the main objective of environmental protection, the key policy, we must focus on promoting the construction of ecological civilization governance system, make the public aware of the improvement of environmental quality. In his special lecture, Liu Mancang pointed out that Comrade Wang Jinnan’s report is rich in content and profound in exposition. It is helpful for us to further understand China’s environmental problems, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and do a good job in environmental protection work. We should firmly establish the new concept of development, in-depth implementation of the central and provincial on the ecological civilization construction and environmental protection work of the deployment requirements, by local organs of state power to perform their duties, and vigorously promote the development of green ecological environment, firmly hold the bottom line, and strive to achieve economic development and environmental protection, the organic unity of mutual promotion. (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Xu Caihong)

河南省人大常委会举办专题讲座–河南分网–人民网 原标题:省人大常委会举办专题讲座   9月28日下午,省人大常委会举办专题讲座。省人大常委会副主任刘春良、刘满仓、王保存、段喜中,秘书长张启生,省人大常委会委员和机关干部参加专题讲座。   国家环境保护部环境规划院副院长兼总工程师王金南应邀作了“中国的环境挑战与生态文明治理”专题讲座。王金南在讲座中分析了我国发展面临的环境治理、生态保护、公众健康、社会稳定等方面的挑战,用数据、图表、案例展示了生态环境的现状,阐述了我国“十三五”期间环境保护的总体思路、主要目标、关键政策,提出要着力推进生态文明治理体系建设,让公众感知到环境质量的改善。   刘满仓在主持专题讲座时指出,王金南同志的报告内容丰富、论述深刻,对于我们进一步认识中国环境问题、加强生态文明建设、做好环境保护工作很有帮助。我们要牢固树立新的发展理念,深入贯彻落实中央和省委关于生态文明建设和环境保护工作的各项部署要求,通过地方国家权力机关的履职活动,大力推进绿色发展,坚决守住生态环境底线,努力实现经济发展和环境保护相互促进、有机统一。 (责编:杨晓娜、徐彩虹)相关的主题文章:

Luo Jiang high-speed two by the end of the opening round of Guangdong and Guangxi will be shortened 400ai.com

Luo Jiang high-speed two by the end of the opening round of Guangdong and Guangxi will be shortened to 1 hours in the construction of high-speed Luo river. Yesterday, the two phase of the project was completed at about 1.4 kilometers of the special subgrade section. Guangdong Provincial Transportation Group announced that, as an important transportation channel in the horizontal central region, Jiang Luo two high-speed bridge, tunnel and roadbed construction has been completed, is expected to be completed in November of asphalt paving, is scheduled to open to traffic by the end of. Then, the owner by Jiang Luo expressway, connecting connected with Guangxi cloud (floating) cen (Creek) high-speed round-trip between Guangdong and Guangxi, will be more convenient, is expected to shorten 1 hours drive. Zhongshan Jiangmen, Luoding to shorten the journey 1 hours Luo Jiang high-speed general manager Luo Zhiguang said that since the end of last year to 9 months of this year the weather special dry season, not dry, much rain, can be used for the normal construction of the fine weather is less than a quarter of a normal year, causing great difficulties to the project schedule. The frequent rain weather seriously interferes with the construction organization of the project, especially the completion of the subgrade and the construction of the road surface. In order to ensure completion before the end of the year, close organization, an orderly arrangement of the project through the construction units to cooperate in ensuring the safety and quality of the gradually get back time. "From the current situation, we can achieve the goal of opening to traffic at the end of the year." Luo Zhiguang said that if the weather can gradually improve, it is expected to complete all the asphalt pavement construction in November. The reporter understands, Luo Jiang high-speed across the western central region, Guangdong province is an important East-West channel, mainly located in the territory of Jiangmen Heshan and Yunfu emerging, Luoding, the project is from the Fokai Republican hub, via Jiangmen city and Heshan City Xinhui District, Kaiping City, Foshan city Gaoming District, Xinxing County, Yuncheng district, Yunan District of Luoding City, Yunfu City, Luoding City, finally Hua Shi Zhen Mo Cun interchange, connecting Guangxi and the cloud (floating) cen (Creek) high-speed, and soon to be opened to traffic in November Luo (be) Yang (spring) high-speed phase. At present, from Xinxing County to Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other places, the mileage of approximately 170 km, 130 km, with approximately 2 hours 15 minutes and 1 hours 45 minutes; Luoding to Zhongshan, Jiangmen mileage of approximately 280 km, 240 km, respectively for about 3.5 hours, 3 hours. Jiang Luo Expressway opened to traffic, from Jiangmen to Zhongshan, the new 30 km mileage can be reduced, due to full speed, is expected to take more than 45 minutes can be reduced, while Luoding and Zhongshan, Jiangmen mileage can be shortened to 60 kilometers, with more than 1 hours can be reduced. Luo Jiang will become the gold river channel high speed communication, high speed of Guangdong and Guangxi is connected to the Pearl River Delta, southwest of the communication traffic, it will be built between Guangdong and Guangxi adds a great artery. Luo Jiang expressway, Guangzhou Wuzhou Expressway with two parallel east-west highway from Guangzhou to Guangxi, Nanning, Yulin area and other regions, almost two road mileage, will give passengers more choice in the past. And from Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other places to Guangxi area, Jiang Luo expressway will become the most convenient traffic channel. After the owners of the river Luo high-speed, directly connected to Guangdong Yunfu and Guangxi Cenxi between the cen Cen high speed, will be more accessible

江罗高速二期年底通车 两广往返将缩短1小时施工中的江罗高速。 大洋网讯 昨日,江罗高速二期工程最后约1.4公里特殊路基段落完成交验。广东省交通集团发布消息称,作为粤西中部地区横向的重要交通通道,江罗高速二期桥梁、隧道、路基施工已全部完成,预计11月完成沥青路面铺设,将按计划在年底建成通车。届时,车主经行江罗高速,转接与广西相连的云(浮)岑(溪)高速往返两广之间,将更为便利,车程有望缩短1小时以上。罗定至中山、江门车程缩短1个小时江罗高速总经理罗志光表示,由于去年底至今年9月份天气特殊,旱季不旱,雨水非常多,可用于正常施工的晴好天气不到正常年份的四分之一,给项目的进度计划造成了很大困难。频繁的降雨天气,严重干扰了工程的施工组织安排,特别是影响了路基收尾工程及路面工程施工。为了保证在年底建成通车,项目通过紧密组织、有序安排,各参建单位全力配合,在保证安全、质量的基础上逐步抢回时间。“从目前的情况来看,可以实现年底建成通车的目标。”罗志光说,如果天气能够逐步转好,预计可以在11月完成全部沥青路面工程施工。记者了解到,江罗高速横穿粤西中部地区,是广东省东西走向的一条重要通道,主要位于江门鹤山和云浮新兴、罗定境内,项目起于佛开高速共和枢纽,途经江门市鹤山市、新会区、开平市,佛山市高明区,云浮市新兴县、云城区、云安区、罗定市,终于罗定市华石镇莫村立交,与连接广西的云(浮)岑(溪)高速,以及即将在11月建成通车的罗(定)阳(春)高速相接。目前,从新兴县到中山、江门等地,里程分别约为170公里、130公里,用时分别约为2小时15分钟和1小时45分钟;罗定至中山、江门的里程分别约为280公里、240公里,用时分别约为3个半小时、3个小时。江罗高速全线通车后,从新兴至中山、江门的里程均可缩短30公里,由于全程高速,预计用时可以减少45分钟以上,而罗定至中山、江门的里程可以缩短60公里,用时可以减少1个小时以上。江罗高速将成为沟通两广的黄金通道江罗高速是连接珠三角、沟通大西南的交通要道,它的建成,将为两广间再添一条经济大动脉。江罗高速、广梧高速同为东西走向的两条平行高速公路,从广佛地区通往广西南宁、玉林等地区,两条道路里程差不多,将给予过往司乘更多的选择。而从中山、江门等地前往广西地区,江罗高速将成为最便捷的交通通道。车主行经江罗高速后,直接连上广东云浮与广西岑溪之间的云岑高速,将更为方便快捷,车程有望缩短1小时以上。待今后深(圳)中(山)过江通道建成后,江罗高速还将成为广西及以西地区前往珠江东岸城市最便捷通道。作为双向6车道高速公路,江罗高速的车流通过率高,在各个重大节假日期间,还将有效分流车辆,大大减轻其他道路的车辆堵塞。江罗高速建成后,对珠三角人民前往“广东十大传统美食之乡”——罗定品尝美食、观看北帝诞、欣赏泷水民歌等更为方便,也为粤西及广西人民到江门看开平碉楼、小鸟天堂等风景名胜提供便利,同时也更有利于各地工农业产品更好更快地走向市场。 文、图 广报记者李妍 通讯员粤交集宣(大洋网) 【相关阅读】江罗高速一期开通相关的主题文章:

This is actually the Chongqing Jingdong staff Palou Wang Xinqiao Hospital shishangqiyi

The Jingdong Chongqing delivery staff is actually the Xinqiao Hospital Palou Wang Tang Zhigui saw two and 11 electricity suppliers war approaching, the major electricity supplier and courier companies have recently been busy reserve temporary delivery personnel. At this point, many people tend to be attracted by the high salary of distribution agents (couriers), but rarely pay attention to the little-known aspect of the industry. Today, this newspaper will take you to an ordinary delivery agent, close to understand their real and wonderful story. Jingdong in Chongqing Xinqiao distribution station, a senior member of the Tang Zhigui distribution, he is mainly responsible for the Xinqiao Hospital and in the vicinity of the Jingdong express delivery, the entry in the past 6 years, all of Xinqiao hospital wards and office buildings, even the toilets are well known, as long as the name he can find. Ten layer even higher floor, he every day to climb up and down the countless times by colleagues affectionately known as the Palou Wang Xinqiao hospital. In the past 6 years, Tang Zhigui’s walking distance has reached 120 thousand kilometers, equivalent to running around the earth 3 times. Why do other people take the elevator, but he loves climbing stairs, Tang Zhigui, more than 50 years old, Hechuan people. One day before the National Day holiday, the Chongqing evening news reporter saw him at the Xinqiao Hospital outpatient building, and the old Tang was stopping his motorcycle from the station. Due to the perennial exposed to the weather’s sake, he would lean black a lot than others. In the process to follow the old Tang to the main ward building courier, Chongqing evening news reporter learned that, he joined in 2011, is a member of the Jingdong of Chongqing Xinqiao distribution distribution station and the oldest. Because of the relationship between the distribution area, the largest place to stay every day is Xinqiao hospital. The clients are mainly doctors and patients. Small to razor large household appliances, all from the old one Tang on foot distribution. The elevator is always full in the morning before you come to the elevator of the main building. Old Tang said, to save time, he usually take the elevator upstairs, then go down the stairs a layer to delivery, if you encounter something upstairs and he will return to the temporary customers, climb up the stairs. In this way, walking in the winter or summer, walking upstairs, downstairs, cycle again, the goods sent to each department, each consignee hands. Send a wheelchair to the ward once. Packaged goods are bulky, so they have to walk stairs in order to save time. A dozen floors of the ward, he just a person to carry up, the delivery took half an hour. "Every day I in these buildings to climb up and down, received a customer calls, in order to save time, do not take the elevator immediately ran on the seven or eight floor is often the case, the time of delivery, I climbed 14 floors high relief." Lao Tang said. The hospital department of Stomatology work Li Xiaoling (a pseudonym), speaking of the old Tang impression is very deep, "as long as the work almost every day to see him in the elevator and the stairs, it feels as if he is not like the rest. In the summer, I saw him holding several boxes on the stairs, delivering his helmet on his head. It was really hot and moving. I always buy things at the Jingdong. Every time I see him wearing a red coat, he’s happy, and that means what I’m looking for." Good temper, customers repeatedly toss, delivery as usual dry express.

重庆这个京东配送员居然是新桥医院爬楼王 唐志贵   眼看双11电商大战又要临近,各大电商和快递公司近来都在忙着储备临时配送人员。此时,许多人往往总是容易被配送员(快递员)的高薪所吸引,却很少关注这个行业背后鲜为人知的一面。今天,本报就带你走近一位普通配送员,近距离了解他们真实而精彩的故事。   在重庆京东的新桥配送站,有这么一位资深配送员唐志贵,他主要负责新桥医院及附近区域的京东快递配送,入职近6年来,对新桥医院所有科室病房和办公大楼,甚至是厕所都了如指掌,只要能说出名字他都找得到。十几二十层甚至更高的楼,他每天要上下爬无数次,被同事亲切地称之为新桥医院的爬楼王。在近6年时间里,唐志贵工作中行走距离已达12万公里,相当于绕地球跑了3圈。   别人坐电梯为何他却爱爬楼梯   唐志贵今年50多岁,合川人。国庆长假前一天,重庆晚报记者在新桥医院门诊大楼边见到他时,刚从站里拿货过来的老唐正在停摩托车。由于常年风吹日晒的缘故,体形偏瘦的他比其他人要黑不少。在跟随老唐去主病房大楼送快递的过程中,重庆晚报记者得知,他2011年入职,是目前重庆京东新桥配送站最年长的一位配送员。因为负责配送区域的关系,每天待得最多的地方就是新桥医院。客户对象以医生和病人为主。小到剃胡刀大到家电,全部由老唐一人靠步行配送。   说话间来到主病楼大楼的电梯前,这里的电梯上午经常是爆满。老唐说,为节约时间,他一般是先坐电梯到楼上,再往下走楼梯一层一层地送货,如果遇到楼上客户临时有事,他又会折返爬上楼。这样无论寒冬还是夏日,步行上楼下楼周而复始,把商品送到每一个科室每一个收货人手中。   有次送个轮椅到病房。包装好的商品体积巨大,为节约时间只好走楼梯。十几层的病房,他硬是一个人扛上去,这次配送足足用了半个小时。“我每天都在这些高楼中爬上爬下,接到客户电话,为了节约时间,不坐电梯马上跑上七八楼也是经常的事,送货时,我最高一口气爬过14层楼。”老唐说。   医院口腔科上班的李晓玲(化名),说起老唐印象很是深刻,“只要上班,几乎每天都能在电梯和楼梯里看到他,感觉他好像不休息似的。夏天时有一次看到他抱着几个箱子在爬楼梯送货,头上还戴着摩托车头盔,真是看着都热,挺让人感动的。我经常在京东上买东西,每次只要看到身穿红色外衣的他一出现就很开心,这意味着我盼望的商品到手了。”   脾气好遇客户反复折腾照常送货   干快递这行,每天要跟形形色色的人打交道。有一回送货时第一次给客户打电话没接,刚上另一栋楼配送,这位客户却回电了,于是老唐又折回把货给送过去。可见到客户后,对方却说身上忘记带钱(商品是货到付款),让老唐去另外一处找其熟人拿钱。这样反复折腾,竟耽误了一上午,严重影响了老唐工作进度,使其当天一直加班到晚上。   老唐虽然心里也有不快,但却很快调整好状态继续工作。用他的话说,类似的事情经常都会遇到,如果为一件商品或一个客户的态度烦恼不已,不知要烦到何时。对此,有同事开玩笑形容老唐:客户虐他千百遍他待客户如初恋。   配送员专用厚底鞋一年穿坏两双   跟老唐闲聊中,他脚上穿的一双外形时尚、类似登山靴的运动鞋引起记者注意,因为这跟老唐的年纪和消费习惯似乎有点不搭。后来从京东新桥配送站的苟站长处得知,这双鞋是公司发的,专给配送员定制,考虑到他们骑摩托刹车时脚时常要踏地摩擦,以及每天步行时间较长,因此这种鞋的鞋底都是加厚型,材质也是耐磨的。可据老唐说,就是这种鞋,他一年至少也要穿坏两双,而如今普通人把鞋穿坏都很少见。   苟站长提供的数据显示,工作近6年来,老唐工作中行走的距离已超过12万公里,相当于绕地球3圈多,总配送商品超过8万件,配送时间达2099天。“工作这么多年,他没有主动请过一天假。今年夏天太热,有天他感冒了,也只是吃了药稍稍休息一会儿,就又出门送货去了,”老唐的敬业态度,苟站长发自内心地敬佩。   老唐在配送员这个岗位上,不仅自己干得兢兢业业,如今更是打算让后代也子承父业。采访中得知,他22岁的儿子不久前也加入配送站成为京东配送员,跟老唐并肩战斗。说起儿子,老唐脸上露出开心的笑容,“他刚入行,对工作熟悉程度差了点,收入还没有我高,还得多锻炼。”正说完,这时病房大楼的电梯来了,老唐赶紧抱起一堆货挤进电梯,又开始了一天周而复始的爬楼工作:坐到楼上,再走楼梯往下步行一层层将包裹送到每一位客户手中。相关的主题文章:

Xinjiang police cracked the case of manufacturing selling marijuana; seized more than 7000 gra zngay

Xinjiang police cracked the case of   manufacturing selling marijuana; seized more than 7000 grams of marijuana — Law — people.com.cn original title: Xinjiang police cracked the case of manufacturing marijuana trafficking more than 7000 grams of marijuana seized Beijing in March 23, Urumqi (Wang Xiaojun Liu Lei) 23, reporters from the Xinjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Bole, Bole City Public Security Bureau cracked manufacturing sales the case of marijuana seized more than 7000 grams of marijuana, and arrested 4 suspects. In March 18th, Bole City Public Security Bureau under the command and coordination, and the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Patrol brigade, Bole City anti XIAOYINGPAN new border police closely, cracked a huge number of marijuana drug trafficking cases and seized more than 7000 grams of marijuana, including marijuana marijuana products 9.01 grams, and arrested 4 suspects. In March 18th, Bole City Public Security Bureau patrol brigade four squadron in XIAOYINGPAN Adel, fungus village and town culture road and the junction of Kazakhstan tahon patrol found three men look suspicious. Immediately, the patrol group focused on patrolling the area, patrolling the three men hiding in a red van marijuana, the patrol immediately control three suspects and seized their drug use tools. The Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately interrogated three suspects, and three suspects confessed to the drug use, and confessed the source of the drug they were taking. After that, the anti drug police immediately and contact the XIAOYINGPAN border police station, according to a will made drug traffickers arrested at home, and in the nearby woods in the collection of manufacturing tools, semi-finished products of more than 7000 grams of marijuana, marijuana products 9.01 grams. At present, according to the fact that the crime of drug manufacture and drug trafficking is confessed, the case is further dug out. (finished: China News Network) 新疆公安破获制造贩卖大麻案 收缴大麻7000余克–法治–人民网 原标题:新疆公安破获制造贩卖大麻案 收缴大麻7000余克  中新网乌鲁木齐3月23日电(王小军 柳磊)23日,记者从新疆博乐市公安局获悉,博乐市公安局破获制造贩卖大麻案收缴大麻7000余克,抓获犯罪嫌疑人4名。   3月18日,在博乐市公安局指挥协调下,博乐市公安局刑事侦查大队与巡逻防大队、小营盘边防派出所新密切配合,破获了数量巨大的制贩毒品大麻案件,缴获毒品大麻7000余克,其中大麻烟大麻烟成品9.01克,抓获犯罪嫌疑人4名。   3月18日,博乐市公安局巡逻防控大队四中队在小营盘镇文化路与塔翁哈木耳阿德尔额村交界处巡逻时发现三名男子神色可疑。随即,巡逻组就在该区域重点巡逻,在巡逻中发现这三名男子躲在一辆红色的面包车内吸食大麻,巡逻队员立即对三名犯罪嫌疑人进行控制并收缴其毒品吸食工具。刑事侦查大队立即对三名犯罪嫌疑人进行审讯,三名犯罪嫌疑人均对吸食毒品的事实供认不讳,并交代出其所吸食的毒品来源。得知情况后,缉毒民警立即与小营盘边防派出所联系,将制贩毒人员依某在家中抓获,并在依某家中附近的树林中收缴制毒工具、大麻烟半成品7000余克、大麻烟成品9.01克。   目前,依某对其制毒贩毒的犯罪事实供认不讳,案件在进一步深挖当中。(完) (来源:中国新闻网)相关的主题文章:

[post] MacBook Pro new appearance exposure domestic mobile phone sales oppo, vivo summit of the one webquest

[post] MacBook Pro new appearance exposure domestic mobile phone sales OPPO, vivo summit of the one or two of Apple’s fourth quarter net profit down 19%- Sohu technology beyond HUAWEI domestic news: third quarter OPPO and vivo domestic sales ranked one or two. Research firm Counterpoint Research released a report yesterday, said the third quarter of this year and OPPO and vivo sales beyond HUAWEI, the Chinese market to become the top two smartphone manufacturers. The report shows that based on smart phone sales in the third quarter of this year, OPPO China market share of 16.6%, topped the list, while the same period last year was $9.9%. Vivo ranked second, the market share of 16.2%, compared with the same period last year was $8.8%. The first two quarters have been the top of the list of HUAWEI, the market share of the third quarter was $15%, down to third. Once overlord millet ranking has slipped to fourth, the market share of the third quarter was $10.6%, well below the same period last year by 14.6%. Analysts believe that the success of OPPO and vivo mainly due to the traditional offline retail, as well as a wide range of distribution networks. Consumers Association released the network about car experience report: nearly 7 of those who can not cancel the order. China Consumer Association yesterday released the 2016 network about car service experience survey report shows that the current network about the overall performance of the car service is better, the difference between the platform experience scores. Relative to the experience of the car about the line, the problem found in the line ride experience is more prominent. Nearly 70% of the experience can not cancel the network about car orders, part of the network about the car platform to set unfair terms of cancellation of the order, consumers need to cancel the order additional deduction. In addition, part of the driver’s weak sense of security has become a prominent problem under the line ride experience. Consumers Association suggested that the government and relevant departments to listen to opinions to guide the healthy development of the network about the car industry. Silicon Valley headlines Apple announced fourth quarter earnings: net profit fell by 19% year on year. The early morning of October 26th, the Apple Corp announced fiscal 2016 fourth quarter earnings report, fourth quarter revenue of $46 billion 852 million, $51 billion 501 million over the same period last year, down 9%; net profit of $9 billion 14 million, $11 billion 124 million over the same period last year fell 19%. Among them, Greater China revenue was $8 billion 785 million, compared with $12 billion 518 million last year fell by 30%. Revenue from iPhone was $28 billion 160 million, down $32 billion 209 million from last year’s $13%. Apple Corp’s fourth quarter earnings per share exceeded Wall Street analysts had expected, but its after hours stock price fell by more than 2%. MacBook Pro official figure leaked: OLED touch bar built-in Touch ID. Yesterday released macOS Sierra 10相关的主题文章: