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10 calls to persuade the suspects to surrender Trinidad police rushing to recover the stolen money "thank you so much." The afternoon of November 8th, came to the city of Wenling City Public Security Bureau police station in Taizhou Wenling working in Hubei, Lichuan Ji Hu, from Zhou Ren to police received a Car Buying cheated 18800 yuan. The same day, 3 other parties to 42400 yuan from the hands of the police get cheated. So far, with a car fraud cases finally draw a satisfactory full stop. In mid August, Wenling East police station received the alarm, Hu Yang, said he was Guizhou Xifeng nationals Liu Car Buying name respectively defrauded 18800 yuan and 16300 yuan. After the filing, East police station investigation quickly, and Ryu as online fugitives. After investigation, the police found Liu also guilty of another two cases of fraud, is the use of their work in the motorcycle factory identity lied can help buy the internal price of the motorcycle, at the beginning of July respectively for two Guizhou fellow small branch, Zhang Car Buying paid 18100 yuan and 8000 yuan, four of the total amount of the victim to being cheated 61200 yuan. To work in Guizhou police arrest and actively carry out at the same time, the police want to give Zhou Ren Liu family sent a letter to persuade, and get the fixed telephone from the local police department of the Liu family. The first phone call in the past, Liu’s mother received, I heard that the Zhejiang police, she immediately hung up the phone, then no one answered the phone. Zhou Ren think not discouraged, insist that every phone call Liu family, until the seventh day, the phone finally connected. This phone is Liu’s brother, began to contact he insisted no brother. After unremitting persuasion, the other said it would be a good discussion with parents. To the tenth phone call in the past, Liu brother took the initiative to ask his brother’s case. Finally, the other party agreed to cooperate with the police to work, and soon for Liu to repay the 61200 yuan of money. In November 2nd, Liu fled for several days under pressure, gave himself up to police in Xifeng. In November 3rd, the police will travel thousands of kilometers back to Liu, who was arrested after the police contact, Hu 4 victim actively return stolen goods refund. The afternoon of November 8th, 61200 Yuan Hu 4 people get back all the money.相关的主题文章: