10 years of stock dividends of over 5 trillion and and 8 shares of the dividend was over 100 billion cibi

10 years A shares dividends of over 5 trillion and and 8 shares of the dividend was over 100 billion (list) – Sohu securities announcement number of listed companies has just completed the annual dividend, semi annual cash dividend also let this topic back. For example, ICBC, 2015 annual dividend of up to $83 billion 100 million, while the dividend is as high as 10 years of 646 billion 500 million! Take a look at the absolute size of the A share market dividends, especially in the past 10 years, the size of the dividend, you must have a feeling, A shares of listed companies have money! The dividend payout ratio is less attention to the market, it is the re examination of this indicator. Look at a set of data: 10 years, A shares market cash dividends totaling 5 trillion and 380 billion yuan; 10 years, 8 listed companies a total dividend of more than 100 billion yuan; 10 years, dividends of Listed Banks 2 trillion and 350 billion, the proportion of over 40%; 10 years, the 28 law was 80% dividend dividend, achieved by 100 stocks. The profit distribution is one of the A stock market is the subject of criticism, is considered one of the characteristics of the market has the most "Chinese features": a listed company on the cash dividend is not positive, but bored of the "digital game gaosongzhuan", while the capital market is also willing to conduct a chase. Banks accounted for the highest proportion of A shares 43.64% bonus cash dividend scale between different industries have great differences, both the industry 10 years the cumulative dividend exceeded one trillion yuan, but also the industry ten years of cumulative dividends are less than 10 billion yuan, in the past 10 years ushered in a period of rapid development, the financial industry is the A-share market in A the biggest source of cash dividends. Bank shares contributed A shares over 40% bonus. According to the securities Chinese reporter statistics, the banking sector in the past 10 years, the cumulative net profit of 7 trillion and 920 billion yuan, of which 29.65% of the profits for the cash dividend, the cumulative dividend dividend scale reached 2 trillion and 350 billion yuan, ranked first in the market, accounting for the total size of the whole market cash dividend of 43.64%. 2015, the banking sector to achieve a total net profit of 1 trillion and 270 billion yuan, of which $356 billion 697 million for cash dividends, dividend ratio of 28.09%. Non bank financial dividend scale is also in the forefront, 10 years to achieve a total cash dividend of $314 billion 686 million, ranking the market in third. Among them, 2015, non bank financial cash dividends in the market scale of second, the total net profit of 285 billion 306 million yuan, of which 84 billion 289 million yuan for the cash dividend, dividend payment rate reached 29.54% in the whole industry. It is worth mentioning that, such as the merger of banks and non bank financial calculations, the financial sector in the past 10 years a total of cash dividends reached $2 trillion and 660 billion, accounting for the total market share of 49.49%. In addition, the same as the A stock market with the larger dividends plate also includes mining, chemical industry, public utilities and transportation sector, over the past 10 years respectively realize the cash dividend of 632 billion 616 million yuan, 290 billion 979 million yuan, 223 billion 98 million yuan and 213 billion 924 million yuan. Food and beverage most willing to pay 52;相关的主题文章: