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2016 – China – ASEAN Forestry Cooperation Forum opened in Nanning – environmental protection – People’s network Beijing 12, September 11th, China ASEAN Forestry Cooperation Forum opened in Guangxi on 2016. State Forestry Bureau, Zhang Jianlong at the opening ceremony of the forum pointed out that forestry plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the Chinese with ASEAN countries and regional economic and social sustainable development, maintain ecological safety and improve people’s well-being in green. Zhang Jianlong pointed out that in 2030 the implementation of the "UN sustainable development agenda" and the "Paris agreement" and the construction of the regional comprehensive economic partnership and build a "twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road" in the process, Chinese and ASEAN forestry development and cooperation is facing new opportunities and new challenges. China and ASEAN countries need to discuss and coordinate with each other. He suggested that one is to actively build long-term mechanism of China ASEAN cooperation in forestry, deepen regional cooperation. Should be based on complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win principle, to promote dialogue with ASEAN countries China forestry level, to carry out all-round cooperation in a pragmatic attitude of forestry, forestry economic and technical cooperation, promote China ASEAN trade in forest products, play the role of regional forestry cooperation mechanism. Two is to promote the protection and utilization of forest resources. We will strengthen cooperation in the comprehensive management of forest ecosystems, the protection of transboundary nature reserves, the protection of biodiversity and the collection, protection and development of forest tree germplasm resources. To establish smooth communication channels, mutual notification of major forestry disaster information, to carry out forestry disaster prevention. Give full play to the unique role of forestry in response to climate change, and jointly promote the development of green low-carbon, expand the development of space. Three is to strengthen forestry science and technology innovation, driving the forestry industry cooperation. Build a platform for forestry science and technology cooperation, promote scientific and technological exchanges and personnel exchanges, and enhance the ability of forestry science and technology innovation. Deepen bilateral cooperation in forestry industry, optimize the industrial layout, and promote the coordinated development of forestry upstream and downstream industries and related industries. To promote the upgrading of economic and trade cooperation, and actively encourage enterprises to carry out the forestry and forest products processing, trade and tree planting and other areas of cooperation, enhance the level of economic and trade and investment cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region vice president Zhang Xiulong pointed out that Guangxi as China oriented front and window opening of ASEAN cooperation, is the implementation of a more proactive opening-up strategy, is trying to be ASEAN International Channel, Southwest China and South Africa open development of new strategic fulcrum, "The Belt and Road" organic convergence gateway. Guangxi is an important forest region in China, the forest resources are very rich, forest area, forest coverage, timber production, forestry industry output value of a number of indicators in the country before, a number of leading forestry technology in the country. Guangxi has unique geographical advantages and important role in the exchange and cooperation between China and asean. He stressed that the goal will build around the national forestry Province, the implementation of forestry development strategy of ecological construction, promote the all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging opening up of forestry. He suggested that one is to further broaden the platform for forestry cooperation. Hope that through long-term mechanism China ASEAN Expo platform and Chinese ASEAN forestry cooperation, continue to actively undertake good China ASEAN Expo forest)相关的主题文章: