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2016 Zhuhai WTA super elite race: Zhang Shuai Shinseki won the first victory swept Pakistan – Beijing, Beijing, Zhuhai, November 1, (Chen Jimin) 2016 Zhuhai WTA super classic 1 in Hengqin international tennis center kicks off. In the opener, Chinese Jinhua Zhang Shuai took only 57 minutes, with two 6 1 sweep tournament No. six seed, ranked eighteenth in the world, Shinseki, ushered in the first victory of the Zhuhai super elite tournament on. The fans were nicknamed "Pakistan Pakistan teacher" Shinseki continued good performance in term of the claycourt season, at Morocco station won a trophy, and two consecutive quarter finals at the French open. China Jinhua Zhang Shuai has also ushered in a completely changes, not only in Australia for the first time among the eight Grand Slam tournament, breaking numerous circles, in a number of events were beyond the past, the creation of personal occupation career the highest ranked twenty-seventh in October 10th, first crossed the mark of the world top 30. In the game Zhang Shuai Chen Jimin photo campaign is two people in the history of the second meetings, the two sides had a confrontation only occurred in the Rio Olympic arena, then Zhang Shuai in seven to grab a Xiandiu situation, through a fight, then pulled a late again in the decider grab seven to win, finally saved 3 match points breathtaking reversal. The first game, Zhang Shuai start to quickly enter the state, in the first game after Paul made it easy, she uses sharp attack through Pakistan Shinseki line, more than 6 to 1 before the next city. Since then, Zhang Shuai through a strong offensive potential follow up a victory with hot pursuit, even completely destroy the Pakistan Shinseki defence to lock 6-1 victory, the Zhuhai ushered in the first victory of elite women’s singles. (end)相关的主题文章: