2The show will reproduce 93 grand parade soldiers guard – Military – reducing live people.com.cn|The show will reproduce 93 grand parade soldiers guard – Military – reducing live people.com.cn

Spring Festival gala will reproduce the 93 large grand parade: officers gatekeeper reduction live – Military – People’s network, the original title: gala will be reproduced 93 large grand parade: officers gatekeeper reduction live Gala language group director introduction, 9.3 grand parade onto the year of the monkey Gala. CCTV network news (reporter Tang Shiying Yuan Yukun) as the thunder of the 70 gun salute, resounding loud and clear "March of the volunteers", Tiananmen Square driving equipment phalanx… " This is the most historic day of September 3rd – the 2015 parade. According to the Spring Festival Gala language group director in Jiangsu, the language class program is a way to express China Chinese dream dream of a strong army, very good. "We have the responsibility and obligation to reproduce the 9.3 Spring Festival this year on the grand parade in." Troops to guard the pass reduction real events of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television, deputy secretary of the Party group, deputy director of the central television station to the party secretary and director Nie Chen Xi on Spring Festival evening work put forward clear requirements, repeatedly stressed: Spring Festival Gala creation should be closely around the theme of the main line to carry out, banner brightly era played the main theme, carry forward the good deeds to the positive energy. Embody the spirit of China, unite the strength of china. In order to will 9.3 parade day, the event moved on the stage in the year of the monkey spring, director group found the time to participate in the 9.3 review report of CCTV Military Channel reporters, the reporters saw, find the angle of artistic creation. In order to make the program more true and accurate, the director group also invited to the Beijing military region, as a creative consultant, the details of the program to check. "We hope to be able to respect the reality on the basis of artistic creation. So many elements of the program are real, and some of the dramatic expression can be found in the prototype." Jiangsu told reporters, in addition to the program on the form of innovation, there will be a more innovative content. Troops into battle together to show the soldier spirit it is understood, the director of the group from last summer began to set about planning, program from the screenwriter to actors are unified use troops script in over repeated demonstration and modify gradually improved. "Actors often practice until midnight, very hard, but they never say tired, this is the characteristics of the military. Although the program content in the rehearsal hall seen countless times the, but when the show first appeared in CCTV 1 telecast hall, we feel very shocked, when director of the group’s each people are full of tears. " Jiangsu says. Jiangsu told reporters, with the hope of the troops daily life training in the real truth onto the stage, better show strong military road high morale and dauntless spirit Chinese troops in.