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Business Facebook Marketing Tips And Techniques Facebook, once only known for social gatherings and reconnecting with friends on the web, is beginning to look like a huge online marketplace. Retailers are scrambling to market to the enormous audience that Facebook attracts daily and turn users into paying customers. It started with the Facebook fan pages, which encouraged businesses to create a presence for their brand on the social media website. They can add an unlimited number of fans on their fanpage, and many leading retailers have already successfully built a large following. Just recently Facebook has been connected to e-commerce on an even larger scale. Many of these businesses that are already well established in Facebook are starting to create their own e-commerce apps, which allows them to sell their products to their fans directly through Facebook. If you own an e-commerce business or are thinking of launching one and you have not tried Facebook marketing yet then you better start now. First, you must create a Facebook fan page. It is quick and easy, just look for the link on the site and complete the requested information. Once you have done that, it’s time to really begin customizing the page in a creative way that will draw people in and get them to become fans. Below is a list of features on the fan page and how you can use it to promote your business. Wall – get your fans to write comments in this area, share their thoughts, help make suggestions, ask a question, etc. Info – write a summary of your business, make it clever and remember to speak to your audience in a way that they will like Notes – post the latest news on your e-commerce business, announce promotions, etc. FBML – create up to 10 customizable html display areas that allows you to add anything you can think of Photos – add photos of your products and you allow your fans to share theirs Discussions – get the conversation started, have your fans give you feedback Videos – post videos to promote your products and show you fans how to use them, you can also let your fans share their videos Events – announce special upcoming events or promotions Reviews – have your fans rate your products or services Others – install other applications created by third party developers that are supposed to be used for the fanpage Once you have your fanpage set up you can begin focusing on how to achieve more traffic. Your fanpage does not have to be perfect, it’s one of those things where the more interaction you are able to get, the better the content. The key is to start small and watch it grow and develop over time. Once you begin to better understand your fans, you can think more creatively about what to offer them on your Facebook fan page. You can create exclusive coupons just for your fans. You can also start a fun contest for them as part of a promotional campaign where the winner gets something for free. You should think of as many creative and fun Facebook marketing ideas to get more participation on your fan page. Ads are another great Facebook marketing tactic to get people to become better acquainted with your brand. However Facebook advertisements are in many ways significantly different from other types of ads. The ads on Facebook cannot focus on direct sales like Google AdWords ads can. The reason for this is that they each have an entirely different type of audience. The group on Facebook are there to hang out whereas the group on Google tend to already know what they want and are actively searching for it. When trying to reach a Facebook user, you cannot push your products on them. You must first give them a good reason to become a fan and then develop a relationship with them. Once the relationship is there, you can find interactive ways to keep your products and your brand fresh in their mind, and the chances of them becoming a customer is far greater. What you need to do is apply to become an advertiser on the Facebook network and create banner ads that link back to your Facebook fan page instead of your ecommerce site. One of the more recent Facebook marketing techniques is direct selling. Since selling directly on Facebook is now possible, there is no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of it. The big name retailers are just starting to make their fan pages even more interactive by posting their products on there. The ones that have already created a large community are discovering that merging e-commerce with Facebook is turning out to be very profitable. Go to ..eppictrafficsystems../ to discover how. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: