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3 strokes teach you to identify the hotel did not change the sheets – Sohu travel to live in five star hotels are not necessarily reassuring. Eat melon masses: how to do? Miss.6: do it yourself, remember the following. Miss.6 travel, arrive at the destination, most care about two things: eat and live. What to eat, you can now pick, but live, trouble. If you think you can choose a big hotel, you can have a good sleep. Recently, a famous American television program aired a "undercover experiment" program, the selection of staff of 9 luxury hotels in New York, one night stay. On the second day, before leaving the room, I wrote on a sheet with a special fluorescent agent, "I sleep here."". These words can only be displayed under ultraviolet light, invisible to the naked eye, but easy to clean. The next day, the staff exchange in the hotel, and chose the same room, and then come up with a UV lamp sheet, found that 9 of high-end hotel, there are 3 sheets, but also keep those words, which means that no new guests in the hotel before the change the former guest used bedding. Video to see here, Miss.6 inner OS with the screen in the sleep of the same: "this is simply disgusting!" And then immediately think of the news had been seen: what hotel staff may take the same towel wipe the toilet and wipe the cup…… There was a passenger in a chain hotel, found that the skin is very itchy, the doctor said she may be because the skin directly contact the hotel bed sheets and allergic dermatitis or papular urticaria. Because there are people accustomed to lying naked, staying in a hotel, got clap…… Despite these examples the incidence is not high, but not health Hotel, indeed increased the probability of terrible disease, it is worth vigilance. Miss.6 there is a big wave of people who love to travel or often need to travel, God knows, how many people in the end they slept with the rest of the bed? Even five star hotel things can not be 100 percent fly, that in the end how to judge his family did not change the sheets? Don’t worry, Miss.6 comprehensive hotel industry experts and travel advice, tell you, the way is very simple. Methods 1 see the bed to see if there crease Hotel sheets and quilt in the cleaning process, will be the first to be washed, and then will be sent to the ironing ironing machine, ironing machine has four beds so big, because the pressure strength is very strong, after ironing sheets and quilt etc. there will be many noticeable crease. In an already paved off the bed, you can clearly see the sheets of the crease, but gently, the creases will become more and more weak, if someone is lying, it will disappear, or there will be more creases on the sheets. Therefore, a sheet, if it is used second times, then even if the technology is not a good waiter, it can not be restored to the original. Methods 2 pillows are smell smell if someone slept, will leave the hotel before the smell, customer will take a bath, shampoo is easy to distinguish; then, the hotel pillow fluffy degrees higher, but if the pillow pressed into the group.相关的主题文章: