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37 listed companies "pinch table" modify the quarterly results notice sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: 37 listed companies "pinch table" modify the quarterly results notice the Securities Times reporter Wu Shaolong with the disclosure deadline approaching, the three quarterly performance of listed companies notice in the intensive disclosure period. Statistics show that from October 10th to 13, after 4 days, there are 190 listed companies for the first time to publish or modify the three quarterly performance forecast. According to the notice of the type, the 190 listed companies, 149 pre Hi, 79 pre growth companies, 5 continued earnings, a slight increase of 38, 21 losses, 6 losses, accounted for 78% of total; 40 companies warning: 13 pre cut, the first 7 losses, 7 increase of loss, 13 slightly reduced, accounted for 21% of total; there are other 1 company performance uncertainty. It is worth noting that these 190 companies, 37 companies prior to the disclosure of performance prediction has been modified, of which 15 companies revised upward 8 to cut earnings forecasts; low performance expectations or "face"; 14 the content of the supplementary notice. Securities Times reporter access to these revised performance forecast announcement found, mainly attributable to the revised performance forecast including the main product price increases, the upstream raw materials prices fell, the increase in orders, the release of new capacity etc.. Correction announcement is a barometer of the industry. In the first half of this year, food processing, coal, chemical and other industries boom for the better, the company’s operating conditions to improve. Xian Tan shares the latest results in the first three quarters of this year’s net profit range correction "176 million yuan to 180 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 1130.63% to 1158.6%, while the previous company expects net profit range to 127 million yuan to 134 million yuan". The company said that the main reason for the change in performance is the main raw material feed prices actually lower than expected, while the main product chicken prices remain high. The same benefit from the industry boom rise and the correction performance of the company as well as Thailand chemistry, open-air coal, Daqing China branch. The release of new capacity, orders increased performance to become another major revisions, such companies include: Chu Jiang new material, HALS, Dongyirisheng etc.. In addition, there are some companies benefit from the acquisition of new business, the formation of new profit growth point; external investment income growth driven overall performance. In addition, changes in the results notice companies, 3 companies have lowered performance expectations, even 5 companies with a "face". In the face of the company performance forecast, Qi Star Tower is expected before September will be a loss of 45 million yuan to 60 million yuan, while the company had expected net profit of 30 million yuan to 40 million yuan. The company said, recently received the electronic version of the arbitration adjudication to send the Hongkong International Arbitration Centre on the South African gold project, according to the results of the arbitration award is expected to reduce the company’s 2016 net profit of about 100 million yuan, so the provision for estimated liabilities. In addition, Sam, Ml, STANLEY, special materials of Hainan Raj相关的主题文章: