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The government can | bright employment is the real economy "barometer" – Sohu news the first three quarters of this year over 10 million new jobs, not just a brisk transcript, also mean the difficult period is a period of adjustment, a modest slowdown in GDP at the same time, the economy’s vivid force being aroused. Or during the work in Liaoning, Li Keqiang had a record of the real name registration according to the "zero employment families" to make a phone call: "you got a job? How is the situation now?" Until 2014, when visiting the "zero employment families" in the year of the details are still visible before the eyes, NPC and CPPCC press conference, Prime Minister intoned, "a family without a job, really lifeless, no hope." The first three quarters of this year economic data came out, one of the highlights of the employment is better than expected. According to reports, the first three quarters of the new urban employment of 10 million 670 thousand people, a quarter of a year ahead of schedule to achieve the expected objectives. In September, the unemployment rate of the 31 large cities surveyed was below 5%, the first time since 2013, less than 5% in the year of June. Such data, so that the prime minister can not conceal his joy, that in October 11th Chinese – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation forum opening ceremony of the fifth Ministerial Conference on early discharge". In fact, Premier Li Keqiang has been highly concerned about employment. Some media statistics, the current government before the 100 executive meeting of the State Council release, "employment" one word appears 150 times. In the last three years of government work report, the word "employment" appeared in 29, the 23 and the 25. The "employment for the people’s livelihood", "employment is a barometer of the economy, is a social stabilizer ". Employment ‘stable’, China’s economic fundamentals can be ‘stable "…… Prime minister in different occasions to speak of these golden sentence, has long been a social consensus. In the global economy undergoing profound adjustment, the domestic economy is facing many difficulties under the background of employment is still maintained in each of the past three years to add more than 13 million momentum, such "report card" is also a high level in the world. It also confirms that China’s economy is flexible, there is space. Difficult period is also a period of adjustment, a moderate slowdown in GDP growth at the same time, endogenous economic power is being excited. Roach, a senior researcher at the Yale University, said: "do not underestimate the resilience and potential of China’s real economy, the Chinese government is promoting the development of long-term stability of the economy of the development of the Chinese economy," said Stephen." In addition, the good employment also shows that we are on the right path. First, the slowdown in growth, but the growth is still very impressive, is still the basis for employment growth. In the first three quarters of this year, still maintained a growth of 6.7%, steady pattern is very clear, and stable in good." The industry of the stabilization of the situation is more obvious. Especially with the acceleration of economic restructuring, China’s economy has made great progress in the new level. 2013 to 2015, China’s third industrial added value accounted for the proportion of GDP from all the way up to 50.5% in the year to. Premier Li Keqiang had previously said that in the past, China’s GDP)相关的主题文章: