Hongkong residential rental rebound per square foot average price rose by about 3.5%- 1926年属相�

Hongkong residential rental price rebound per square foot by quarter rose about 3.5%- Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reported that the Hongkong housing prices rise, rents synchronous rebound, go back to the level at the end of last month, the average rent per square foot area (Ping Fangying scale) about 32.3 yuan (HK $, the same below) according to the season Zesheng; about 3.5% increase over the past 8 seasons, the most. According to Centaline research department statistics contributed by the bank’s newly signed leases in Hong Kong last month showed that 107 private residential estates of the monthly rent increases only about 0.6% liters, already rose for 6 months, the average foot lease 32.3 yuan, has been close to last year’s level of 32.9 yuan in November. However, last month rose more than a few months before the narrowed, believed to be from the peak rental market into the off-season, the season rent increases have the opportunity to reduce, or even decline situation. As for the quarter, the last quarter’s rent increase of 3.5%, is the biggest increase since the 2014 quarter of fourth, so far, the biggest in the 8 quarter. Ten large blue chip estates, Kwun Tong Laguna City recorded the largest quarterly increase, last quarter rose 8.1% feet lease 30.6 yuan. Ap Lei Chau ranked second, quarterly rise 6.3%. Sha Tin City ranked third, quarterly rise 5.7%. Hung Hom Whampoa  garden, Kingswood villas, Tin Shui Wai Chai Wan Heng Fa Chuen and Quarry Bay City were too quarterly rise 5.6%, 5.2%, 4.5% and 4.5%. The other Quarry Bay Kornhill, Lantian Sceneway garden and Lai Chi Kok village Mobil rose 3.2%, 2% and 1.7% respectively. In addition, Hongkong real estate chief director Cao Yongda said, "two middle E Chai meeting room, practical area of about 338 square feet, was a senior hotel senior staff, to 21 thousand yuan monthly rent to rent, lease feet 62.1 yuan, the owner of the rental return of about 3.8 per cent. Centaline Branch Manager Huang Jingyan said, the eight seat middle Sheung Shui noble Hill room C, salable area of 503 feet, just 12 thousand and 300 yuan to rent, lease feet 24.5 yuan, the return rate of about 2.9 per cent of the owners. The other Q housing network senior manager Yang Jiajun said the Pokfulam Fulin Xuan middle room B, practical area of 523 square feet, just 17 thousand and 500 yuan to rent, lease feet 33 yuan, 2 million 950 thousand yuan to the owners in the purchase price in 2007, more than 7 per cent return.相关的主题文章: