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Bound to Beijing policy: Zhu Yuanzhang clap "tactics" – Anhui channel — original title: tied to Beijing policy: Zhu Yuanzhang clap "tactics"   the early Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang launched a "high in the German people and young hero" as the standard bearer of the judicial reform, first of all in the outside of the law the "great" give the people the hero can be a corrupt official "tied to Beijing." right, if officials dare to stop, the whole family to punish. In order to reform the judiciary by administrative means, to launch a campaign to re integrate the society, to form a set of strict social monitoring network, is the usual method of Zhu Yuanzhang. Imitation of Zhu Yuanzhang "Book week? In great", "Chen Gao avenue to the world", "when the police thought Jie Chenmin, permanent training. "Tomorrow" was intended to speak the truth, the vivid metaphor, vivid reasoning. "Great" inherit the characteristics of writing case and sayings about form, but to punish the theme of bloody flavor. Hongwu eighteen years (October to 1385) Hongwu twenty years (1387) December issued the "imperial order" "imperial order" of "imperial order three". 204 this paper, ZhengChi officials reached 123, accounting for more than 60%. The provisions tied to Beijing first appeared in the first edition of "great" fifty-ninth villagers in addition to suffering: "the Chief Secretary of county government officials, in service in the leisure city officials, rural people have specific plays old, crafty person, legal cases, abetting in common, and state officials and between the city, Xu village hero can good and able men promoted by selection for the people in addition to the patients, meeting the villages in the city, and will be in service, the official old, crafty person in Xian Li, tied to Beijing, in addition to people suffering from crime, citizen. Dare to have invited the cut block, with Beijing owl order, guanjin ferry, don’t stop." To cut the barrier and inflicted severe punishment on other obstacles, is the supporting system of urban and rural elite hero tied to beijing. "Great" first edition will have to expand the scope of urban and rural areas, but only to destroy the lawsuits, and framed instigation. Therefore, "great" continued to expand the scope of all disturbing acts, and only give high virtuous elderly people, is no longer a hero to refer to the good and able men promoted by selection, more clear:"…… Avaricious, often defying death, which contrary to the countryside, disturbed to the people. In the future there are so many people dare to, have the High German people went to Beijing to take strong rate." People get killed civilian officials from Beijing but no law edicts more appeal, so Hongwu twenty-six years later, "great" three entries in the series continue to be loaded by the new law. But in the three series was released, malicious use of the bound system has been very popular, so in the three part of the "law on subjects specially for rape" on the first article, citing typical cases tied to the market, a total of 18. The incident on the areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and Shandong, Jiangxi, Nanjing and other places around the capital of Yao Yuanzhi, that yique from people, within sight but beyond reach. From the three series of several typical cases can see a "wrong" imperial "head" the consequences of the decision by binding to Beijing to set up public judicial or administrative thinking rooted in peacekeeping. Zhu Yuanzhang is expected to bind to Beijing system)相关的主题文章: