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Australian dairy sales decline in China’s purchasing power is still not in? – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, according to Australian news report, the joint production of a new brand of infant formula in the Chinese poor sales performance, milk prices in Australia (Bega Cheese) and Australia shpucka well-known brand Jiabao Macao vitamin (Blackmores) performance substantially frustrated. At the same time, Macao Jiabao rival Swisse also announced that the decline in performance. Australia Dairy Company (Murray Goulburn) said, they still China confidence on the future. Swisse market share is still in "Australian Financial Review", "the Australian newspaper" reported on 2, by purchasing purchasing power in Australia to decline, Swisse third quarter sales fell 16%. However, Hongkong Biostime (Biostime International) to acquire 83% stake in Swisse said that despite the purchase form Australia and China has great transfer, vitamin Swisse in Australia market accounted for the amount is still stable, as of September 30th the market share reached 17.1%. At the same time, Swisse pointed out that, as of September 30, 2016, Swisse is still China’s e-commerce platform Alibaba ranked first in sales of health care brands. Clear inventory and purchasing reduction is the main cause of it is understood that Macao Jiabao announced in October 27th, due to Chinese exporters transferred to the new Australian retail sales channels and clearing inventory, the third quarter of this year sales fell sharply by 40% to 68 million yuan ($, the same below). In order to meet the Chinese surge in consumer demand, such as Chemist Warehouse and Australia Australia large retailers such as Swisse and Australia have purchasing hoarding Jiabao products. But in the past few months, large retailers to stock and other factors, the Swisse and Australia Jiabao sales frustrated. In this regard, Biostime chairman Luo Fei (Luo Fei) said, "this year the third quarter Swisse profit compared to the same period in 2015 declined 15.7%." However, according to Luo Fei, Swisse plans to expand China’s offline channels in early 2017. Under the leadership of CEO Sally (Radek Sali), Swisse will implement a new sales strategy, increase sales on the Chinese brand website, not just rely on purchasing. Sally pointed out that in September the number of sales of Swisse products has been reduced from 100 thousand people in the peak period to the people of the 20 thousand. They signed 12 distributors in addition to vitamin health products, milk sales in China also affected. However, they said that the future China still exists huge opportunity". On Friday (October 28th) announced Maigao has signed a contract to 12 distributors, help in the China brand of milk sales and logistics services and cross-border online channel. They pointed out that China sales have more than 260 million yuan. Maigao acting CEO of malaysia"相关的主题文章: