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In October 30th, Congress of the hardware business of supply and demand docking hardware business restaurant, one hundred million subsidy to feed you! Sohu technology if you are a hardware entrepreneur, is looking for funds to find channels, looking for factories, find design, find a solution, find products, find a team,…… To find the hardware industry resources, or the first hard egg "JuTou 100" intelligent hardware assembly for the docking of supply and demand! October 30th hard egg will hold a "hardware entrepreneurial restaurant" as the theme of the intelligent hardware supply and demand docking conference in Shenzhen. Here are all the raw materials necessary for hardware Entrepreneurship (investment, supply chain, incubator, recruitment, marketing, promotion, channel resources). We choose the best raw material, took all his special skills run this hardware business "restaurant", in order to solve the hardware entrepreneurs real problem, help the hardware entrepreneurs "cooking" own project. Business Hours: 20161030 12:00–18:00 operating location: Shenzhen (Shenzhen Nanshan District China University of Geosciences space hard egg production base C101) registration stamp please read the original text at the end the first look at the hardware business restaurant menu which links more to your stomach – to get soft entrepreneurial resources distribution center for free?! Discount! Entrepreneurs, a variety of entrepreneurial resources, only you can not think, no you can not get! From the team formation, recruitment, registration from the company to the legal advice, from marketing to sales channels landing… Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs service companies, institutions will be on the same day collective appearance. More from the program design to PCB, mold, testing and assembly, parts, VR equipment and other hardware vendors need to start all the high-quality supply chain manufacturers. Work together with hard eggs, to provide the most preferential policies for entrepreneurs, as well as the best quality resources! 100 million more subsidies to feed you. Service time: 20161030 12:00–18:00 hard selection of raw materials, get the hard business needs. Early to early enjoyment, first come first served. For "hard hit Xinchan heard one hundred thousand why venture capital summit? The hardware business restaurant will also be around four Mingmen hardware business:" supply chain management "and" capital "docking" technology "and" marketing ", invited the big coffee industry in their respective fields, dedication to a wonderful a hard real lesson. Solve your hard hit on the road, "why one hundred thousand". 14:30 – 14:50 hardware business shop, one hundred million subsidies to feed your guests: hard egg CMO Liu Hongjiao 14:50 – 15:10 hardware supply chain how to avoid the pit? Speaker: hard egg supply chain link leader He Shunyi 15:10 15:30, the capital of winter, entrepreneurs need to improve some internal hardware! Speaker: VP 15:30, Sun Meng Xianfeng Changqing 15:50 intelligent hardware enterprise marketing plan and sales channel planning Speaker: Elvis Presley radio founder Ceng Dewen相关的主题文章: