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Shenzhen City Council sent a letter to Samsung mobile phone inquiry problem recall the double standard? Legal network Beijing September 21st news reporter Wang Kaiguang recently, Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 phone after another explosion, has caused widespread concern about the purchase of this phone Chinese consumers on their own security. 20, Shenzhen City Council to Samsung (China) investment company issued an open letter of inquiry. It is understood that due to the Galaxy Note7 mobile phone exploded, Samsung recently announced in Europe and the United States, South Korea and other markets to take a comprehensive measure of recall, and in September 1st Chinese market officially released the state line version is not included in the recall. In September 14th, by the relevant departments after the interview, Samsung (Chinese) Investment Co., China announced in the mainland market to recall the mobile phone 1858. In recent days, the mobile phone market in China has undergone two explosions occurred, has caused widespread concern about the safety of Chinese consumers to buy this phone. In this regard, the Shenzhen Consumer Council expressed serious concern, and publicly question Samsung (Chinese) Investment Limited: why in the same security situation, overall recall of the mobile phone in Europe and other markets, and in the mainland market is not fully implemented China recall? Why in the national quality inspection administration interviewed to Co. recall, recall and only 1858 mobile phone? Why in the Chinese market the implementation of a limited recall situation also occurred in multiple explosions, what is the real cause of the explosion accident? The Shenzhen Consumer Council believes that Samsung (China) global influence investment limited as a multinational enterprise, involved in product safety issues should not only satisfied the minimum standard and the bottom line requirements, should not by consumers for their safety in the information disclosure And should not adopt a double standard on the Chinese market and Chinese consumers on the recall. In view of this, Shenzhen City Council of Samsung (Chinese) Investment Co., said the practice of public condemnation. And Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. sent a public inquiry letter. Please Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. received a letter within 10 days to give a positive response to the concerns of Chinese consumers. Tencent science and technology opened almost know the agency account! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you. Wonderful video recommended to bring you into the conference of those little secret相关的主题文章: