Ios10 early tomorrow morning, Tencent recommended mobile phone harassment harassment housekeeper hou caxa实体设计

IOS10 tomorrow morning on Apple mobile phone housekeeper harassment intercept – recommended Tencent Beijing, Beijing, September 13, September 8th,   apple in the new fall conference, iOS10 announced the official version will also be on September 13th (Beijing time on September 14th at 1:00) fully push. In addition to iMessage, Siri and other functions update, open iOS10 system call recognition interface, provide technical support by the Tencent for hundreds of millions of mobile phone housekeeper, China iPhone mobile phone users to solve for years of harassment and fraud problem. Note: the picture from Apple’s official website the day before, in the latest iOS10 display interface, Apple’s official website are recommended by the Tencent mobile phone housekeeper harassment interception. It is understood that in September 14th, users only need to upgrade the system to iOS10, and then download and install the latest version of the mobile phone housekeeper in App Store Tencent, or the original software upgrade to the new, you can have identification and reporting, query, update number number number library comprehensive precise harassment interception service. In fact, as early as in the WWDC2016 developer conference, apple in the demonstration of the iOS 10 harassment interception on the recommendation of the Tencent mobile phone housekeeper: when calls "Tencent Security Caller ID: page Possible Spam", which is the result of Tencent mobile phone housekeeper recognition "junk calls (apple of harassment, fraud and other bad phone collectively)". The official website was once again recommended that Apple’s ability to intercept its harassment recognition. In recent years, the problem of telecommunications fraud and telephone harassment has been plagued by hundreds of millions of Chinese smartphone users, iPhone users are due to Apple has not yet opened the data interface suffered garbage calls bombing. According to the Tencent Inc data show that only the first half of 2016, the user through the mobile phone housekeeper Tencent marked harassing phone 323 million, a daily average of 1 million 758 thousand, which marks 88 million 282 thousand and 300 telephone fraud, a daily average of 485 thousand. With the help of Tencent mobile housekeeper excellent harassment interception capabilities, apple is the best choice for users to solve the problem of iPhone harassment fraud. Tencent quanyun library massive data based on large data and unique QQ, WeChat and other social software accumulation, the Tencent has a number of mobile phone housekeeper recognition database, the industry’s largest daily users tag number 8 million, number 150 million daily number recognition database, query volume 240 million. Every time a user receives a safe answer, Tencent mobile housekeeper has filtered out 1 billion 80 million harassment numbers, with the industry’s first malicious number accurate identification rate, effectively protect the user’s phone and property security. But behind the data, is the accumulation of innovation of Tencent in the field of security and ability, this is also the reason for Apple’s Tencent. In the technical innovation, the establishment of the Tencent through the Joint Laboratory of anti fraud, anti fraud experts think tank Tencent, telecommunications network security cloud library, smart phone fraud anti Hawkeye three weapon box, multi pronged anti fraud. Tencent quanyun library as the world’s largest harassment blocking.相关的主题文章: