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Comfort is really Fujian Mercedes Benz Vito 7 commercial version – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto car] about high-end brand car business, I believe everyone is hard not to be reminded of the Mercedes Benz brand, owned by V, R, Vito and the old section of the Viano models have a high concern and the good market performance. The new Mercedes Benz V class just listed at the beginning of this year, the heat is not down, the new Vito was followed, in just the end of the Chengdu auto show officially listed. If the Benz V level positioning and the price is slightly superior words, then the new Vito is relatively close to the people, go completely is comfortable and practical route. The new Vito price range of 29.90-33.90 million, and the Mercedes V class 48.90-61.80 million or a distinction, for different market segments. The car not only in appearance compared with the old models have been changed, cut the price of a few million, while the whole system also switched to a lower displacement, more powerful 2.0T engine. So whether it is from the brand influence, practical or cost-effective, the new Vito can be said to have not lost any opponent, competition is still quite good. The new Vito exactly what features? Hope that through this test can show you one by one. We would like to explain that, because the day of Dali will drive all day long heavy rain, there is no small impact on the pictures, please understand. The appearance of the new young fashion 3430mm wheelbase is bright – interior style practical large space comfort – the new facelift dynamic driving control easily without pressure相关的主题文章: