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With long Ying, Canada (five) around the United States starting point: Fort Williams – Sohu tourism many American urban and rural town, full of charm; these scattered throughout the town, if not passed, it is difficult to visit one by one. Many of the small town, is located in eastern Virginia Fort Williams (Williamsburg), is our trip, after only a retaining antique town (town, the other mostly natural spread). From the beginning of 1926, the United States government funding for the renovation of the old Fort Williams housing, retain the original style. Jiang Zemin visited the United States in 1997 when the first station, is said to have chosen here. Why? Here is the starting point of the United states. In 1606, more than and 100 immigrants from the United Kingdom, here. They brought British technology and culture, with the help of the Native Americans, the cultivation of tobacco and cotton, and in 1661, the establishment of their own small castle – Fort Williams. By 1699, Fort Williams not only became the capital most affluent Virginia, and was the 13 American colonies (i.e. the first 13 independent states) the capital of (the capital), Boston, New York and Philadelphia and the like, is the political and cultural center at the time. It is said that it is a political and cultural center, not only because of the governor’s house, the parliament is located here, but also with a well-known local institute: College of William and Mary College of William and Mary. The school is run by the British king William III and queen Mary S in 1693 approved the establishment of the British royal family, following the establishment of Harvard later, in the American colonies of the second (Biyeru’s); in order to cultivate English colonists here in the lives of children, of course, but also the way to cultivate the local kids… Unfortunately… Is that the way to cultivate the local children, but each year to participate in the drafting of the talent: "56 person" Declaration of independence "in 16 from the school; George. Thomas. Jefferson Washington, the 4 president, 6 Secretary of state, is a graduate of this school; the students here gave birth to the United States the democratic political blueprint, they created the United states! Their graduates, to overthrow the pillars of British colonial rule, completely ruined the British rule in North america. Is happy is sad? Regardless of resurrection, the school marks on American education of England to develop its status and influence, it is self-evident! Although the school in 1776 and the United Kingdom out of the relationship, but later Mrs. Thatcher still served as honorary president of College of William and Mary, now Queen Elizabeth II also visited two times! Williams castle, in full accordance with colonial style, is full of charming British style. Walking on the street, the traffic is still the horse and the rider; street shops, the work of the eighteenth Century is dressed in clothing craftsman; even once in front of the parliament, sitting and then dress the governor of old court and gunpowder warehouse, three hundred years.相关的主题文章: