Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area 688 meters outdoor walking elevator eleven Golden Week tourism channe caxa实体设计

Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area 688 meters outdoor walking elevator eleven Golden Week travel channel opened – Part landscape of Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic elevator the longest outdoor walking elevator has been completed, will be in the "eleven Golden Week" open. By then, visitors comfort and experience will greatly enhance the comfort. Enshi Grand Canyon outdoor walking elevator built in the seven village area, at the entrance of the building, to Gan Yan Tang return center, lift a total length of 688 meters, is a type of outdoor walking sightseeing elevator. Lift the entire hillside, a "Sigma" form to decorate, mountain dragon lying far view, the momentum through the rainbow. The elevator adopts reinforced concrete frame structure and wood structure, the altitude from 1228 meters to 1428 meters, enhance the vertical height of 200 meters, the theory of transport capacity of 7300 hours, annual transport 600 thousand passengers are expected to. Previously, the first phase of the project has been completed and put into use 400 meters. The two phase of the project length of 288 meters, after the completion of the first phase of China Unicom, so that visitors down the mountain quickly and easily. At present, the original price of 20 yuan elevator remained unchanged. The Grand Canyon of the Enshi outdoor walking elevator engineering design fully considers the concept of harmony and coexistence of ecological protection, lift the upper structure with top logs built, take Tujia style tiles cover the top, around to save a lot of climbers, and set aside the animal channel, combined with the Enshi Grand Canyon Natural Landscape perfect blend. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > elevator handrail elevator handrail elevator overlooking the outdoor cliff fall down (Li Yawen: commissioning editor (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: