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In the two islands, feel forever – tourism Sohu almost everyone has read "Robinson Crusoe", the novel came out all over the world, long lasting. So far, the book has hundreds of versions, almost translated into all the world’s text. The mystery of the hot, in addition to Robinson’s brave and very interesting story, but also to meet the people a complex: apart from the world, to a small island to keep quiet lonely exile heart. On the west coast of Finland, there are two little-known autonomous Island unique, fishermen’s worth exploring recover the original simplicity of life. Cara River Island Maakalla in the Gulf of Finland, there is a name of the island of Cara (Maakalla), you can take the antique boat into the island. From the beginning of fifteenth Century, the island’s fishermen have the right to self – my world I call the shots". There is no government, the highest decision-making power and judicial power in the form of KARI (card) meeting. Due to rising sea levels, Kaoshanchishan, depending on the sea fishermen to turn it into a fishing base. Since fifteenth Century, the Cara River Island has been a fishing base, up to the time, there are about 200 fishermen living here in the summer to catch herring, hunting seals. There are no restaurants, no shops, no modern facilities. Time is slow here, as if it were stagnant, and that’s what makes Cara River unique. As a modern man, you may have to run away to a desert island to escape all the troubles of the idea, in this piece of plain and beautiful scenery of the land, feel comfortable and quiet, feeling forever, it’s a good idea! Although the island is sometimes a bit strange and quiet, you can find something to do, such as visiting the smallest Church in Finland, and the 40 fishing huts. The Cara river island church, the octagonal wooden church built in 1780 – Cara river island with a stone lighthouse pushed up ur cocala island Ulkokalla to the west coast of Finland to play, through the charming town, wooden houses, nautical history, Stone Age culture, will give visitors leave be not of the common sort of experience to explore the ancient island lighthouse, chic is also very unique. Ur cocala island is a lighthouse Island, Cara Island, about 4 kilometers from the river, is an autonomous island. In 1856, coastal fishermen asked for a beacon to keep the signal. The island is about 400 meters long and 200 meters wide. Its highest elevation is about 4 meters. Lighthouse was built in 1871, has been to protect the fishermen out to sea. 1976 years ago, the lighthouse keeper lived here all year round, the interpretation of his lonely life. Here not only to endure loneliness, but also to bear the suffering of the family, from generation to generation, with the sea and stars as partners, only for the lighthouse can always bright. In summer, the air in the island is filled with the smell of the sea相关的主题文章: