Be careful! These factors can lead to premature birth! Shu – maternal parenting guru Sohu (video)

Be careful! These factors can lead to premature birth! Shu – maternal parenting guru Sohu it is understood, because many organs and tissues of premature infants is not mature, low survival ability, intelligence may be flawed, so find out the reasons to prevent, as far as possible to avoid premature phenomenon. So what are the causes of premature birth? Look at the Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center neonatal professor Chen Yunbin Zhizhao how. Expert: Chen Yunbin, Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, director of pediatric physicians specializing in critically ill children, neonatal rescue and treatment of respiratory and digestive diseases in children. Parenting guru question: what kind of newborn is defined as premature? What causes premature birth? Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, Professor of neonatal Chen Yunbin: in accordance with the definition of our country, pregnant earlier than 28 weeks of production are called premature. Of course, we still have a lot of premature infants, for example, according to birth weight, less than 2500 grams belong to premature infants. There are birth weight less than 1500 grams, we call very low birth weight infants, if the weight is less than 1000 grams, we call super low birth weight infants. Why so, because the birth weight of these children is related to the difficulty of their treatment. There are many reasons for premature birth, many of the reasons for the mother is the main. For example, the development of fertilized eggs during pregnancy is not good, and the other to a later period of time is an infection, intrauterine infection or vaginal infection. These are likely to cause premature mother. Of course, some of the reasons may be the mother of alcohol, smoking, which can cause (premature). There are also some mothers who have gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. This is the original master [parenting produced, reproduced please indicate the source] parenting guru, Guangdong province eugenics Association recommended infant collection platform, doctors, hospital of domestic well-known university psychology experts in early childhood education, maternal and child industry elite, for the user in the stage of pregnancy, provide find experts, ask the experts, and other experts see convenient services, allowing users to quickly access professional, scientific, a targeted guidance, make parenting easier! WeChat to pay attention to parenting master (yuerweike) bar!相关的主题文章: