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Finland will be a "basic national income": 560 euros per month – Sohu news [global times in Finland, Germany special correspondent Liu Yue Li Meng] the government of Finland 25, Aoki said that next year the country will release 560 euros to each citizen’s monthly wage "national basic income plan" test. Agence France-Presse said that although the national basic income sparked widespread controversy, but Finland hopes to become the first European country to implement this idea. According to the "International Financial Times" website reported on the British version of the 26, according to the plan, the Finland government will release 560 euros to 2000 randomly selected "working age" of Finland citizens in the experiment (about 4200 yuan) monthly basic income. Finland Social Security Bureau will be responsible for conducting this test. At the same time, the Finland government will also establish a comparison of the basic income of the comparison group. The "Basel daily" said 26 test plans in September 9th before the public consultation after the official determination. Swiss "business daily" said, after the Finland government had revealed that with the implementation of the plan, the country’s citizens may be raised to the amount of monthly basic income of 800 euros per month. Agence France-Presse said the trial is to practice the previous commitment of prime minister Sipile of Finland. Finland’s Ministry of health and Social Affairs said in a statement, "the main purpose of the basic income plan is to promote employment," the goal of this program is to simplify the complex welfare system in a sustainable manner. The German financial network said that after the implementation of the national wage Finns, the existing unemployment, housing subsidies and other social welfare subsidies will be canceled. The Swiss radio and television said in June this year, the Swiss people rejected the national monthly unconditionally to the adults in a referendum to pay 2500 Swiss francs (about 17 thousand yuan), children to pay 625 francs (about 4300 yuan) of the idea. Many Swiss people believe that this will make the Swiss lazy, poor countries. Compared with many countries, Finland people’s perception of the basic national income plan is more positive. A poll showed that 69% of Finns endorsed the plan. But many people believe that the basic income line is more suitable for 1000 euros per month. In fact, the issuance of basic national income for the people of Finland is not an increase in welfare". According to the Global Times reporter, Finland’s national basic income plan will not hold a referendum, as in Switzerland, but at the government level to promote. The plan is to reform the welfare system and reduce the financial burden of the government. Finland’s welfare system is very complex, such as unemployment benefits have a very complex formula, and the income of the unemployed and other hooks. The reform not only lazy, but also prompted some people entering the labor market, because the basic national income amount will be lower than a lot of people receive unemployment benefits such as social security. Finland’s economy began to decline in 2012, has not yet fully recovered. Currently, the unemployment rate in Finland is 9.3%, the youth unemployment rate is as high as 20.9%. Germany’s N24 television said that Finland, once known for its innovation and education, has now become a "European patient."". If Finland’s 5 million people a month to get the basic income of $800, the Finland government’s budget will be 480.相关的主题文章: