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SAIC Audi "turned out": the red line can not be broken China market – Sohu automobile   November 8th, Audi’s global headquarters in Ingolstadt in response to NBD car (micro signal: NBD-AUTO) in the mail, and did not deny is working with SAIC on the establishment of the joint venture company approached matters. "We don’t comment on SAIC speculation." Audi AG wrote in the message.   NBD car further learned that SAIC to promote the process of the establishment of second Audi joint venture in China is accelerating. On the one hand, the introduction of the Volkswagen Group’s luxury brand, has been the direction of SAIC; on the other hand, a series of problems in recent years, the slowdown in the Audi Chinese market, FAW – Volkswagen shares in the adjustment, the FAW Group’s cooperation with Audi is no longer the same as the previous indestructible.  , however, SAIC Audi is not as smooth as the current exposure. Audi will not easily decide to set up a new joint venture in the Chinese market." A source close to Audi, NBD, said that the current progress is being made on both sides of the feasibility study. And prior to Audi plans to acquire Alfa · similar to the Romeo, and the plan in the board of directors, chairman of the board of Audi and Fiat CEO met several times after the final surrender of the. " ," a new project is advancing, requires a full range of assessments and takes time." The relevant person close to Audi to NBD in automobile, FAW Audi motor sales company has been discussed for a long time, always failed under the background of "SAIC Audi joint venture" is still a big variable, it is also considered the increase in Audi chips".   Audi is no longer a thriving market for Audi   the Chinese discontent with the performance has been very obvious, but also the SAIC Audi events fuse". The luxury car market leader Audi Chinese thriving in a position to an abrupt end in 2015. In particular, the other competitors to speed up the layout of the case, Audi is faced with domestic trouble and foreign invasion risk.   according to Audi’s global layout, in the Chinese market after a period of steady growth, Audi will focus on the North American market. However, due to the impact of a series of events, such as emission gate, Audi can not turn back, and tap the growth potential of the Chinese market.   on the one hand, in sales, the Chinese market sales contribution accounted for 1/3 of the world’s red line has broken. Data show that in the first three quarters of this year, Audi sales in China totaled a total of 440 thousand and 200, an increase of 6.5%, accounting for global sales of $31.25%. NBD auto statistics, Audi’s market share and had already cannot be mention in the same breath.  , on the other hand, NBD car learned that, due to the A3 family as a representative of A-class cars occupy sales lead, but its profit margins are well below the C class car. At the same time, to A6L as the representative of the dominant models, relying on price advantage to ensure market share. This led to a significant decline in the profit contribution of the Chinese market.   the above two aspects are相关的主题文章: