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2016 Mercedes -AMG to speed control staged passion! With the engine roar, emergency braking scream, " 2016 -AMG to control the match speed Mercedes " ShangHai Railway Station detonated in November 3rd Qing induced perfect curtain. Shanghai liter star with Mercedes -AMG all star family members, in the roar of the engine noise and rubber smell anxious and attend to the guests with the discussion of the speed match performance of Mercedes -AMG philosophy, the perfect experience speed passion! "2016 Mercedes -AMG to speed master race ShangHai Railway Station consists of two afternoon held," to control the speed match field respectively in the activities in the tent and venue for guests on the spot and prepared a rich interactive experience and passion of the test project. As the Mercedes Benz high performance sports brand, Mercedes -AMG strong power and maneuverability perfect together. "Speed control" is for the pursuit of high-performance speed enthusiasts tailored. The guests in the interactive experience area, can not only bring a baptism to accept the surging blood boiling V8 engine sale, but also through the surreal racing game experience Mercedes -AMG a variety of different models of charisma, but also through the accurate and fast interactive experience fencing Mercedes -AMG special throttle response speed. In addition, the exquisite the hub, striking the engine, various parts of well-proportioned, no infinite passion don’t make all the guests feel friends from Mercedes -AMG. The surging heart triggered at any moment. The active site for visitors to prepare a wealth of experience, experience, experience and Simulation of fencing wave driving experience so that each of the guests present bursting hormones. Guidance and test rules guests listen to coaching next, AMG officially entered the drive link wonderful, the guests were divided into three groups to test drive experience, NGCC, V8, SUV subjects, wonderful turns staged. NGCC AMG family custom drive, let guests feel the Mercedes -AMG accurate ultimate control and extraordinary power, enjoy the driving fun brought. The snake around the pile, S curve, U curve, linear acceleration, 4MATIC drive experience, to meet the occupants for luxury ride. In AMG GT, C 63 Coupe, C 63 Sedan, CLS 63 S,   S63 L as the representative of the "excited engine speed" area, visitors can pass through the linear acceleration, U bending and other projects was surging power V8 twin turbo engine to bring you to, and keenly aware of the vehicle according to the different driving modes in a subtle and a passion free switch between as if the engine has to have a life, can make the wind, or even get rid of gravity. In the GLE 63, GLE 63 Sport 63 SUV, GLS,   G63 SUV family represents a "vertical engine infinite" area, dominate the cross axis, the hump project to get your adrenaline burst, all!相关的主题文章: