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Santos won the Nobel peace prize can save the peace process in Columbia – International – original title: Santos won the Nobel peace prize can save the peace process in Columbia in October 7th, Norway committee chairman Feiffer Nobel announced that the 2016 Nobel peace prize was awarded to Columbia’s president Santos, in recognition of its being made to end the country’s more than 50 years of civil war effort. The Nobel Committee in Norway called on President Santos to congratulate him after the results were announced. Santos said on the phone that the award was accepted by all the people of Columbia, especially those in the civil war. "I accepted the award with emotion. For the people of Columbia, especially those who are victims of war, the award is of great significance." Santos said. Fellow Latin American Academy of Social Sciences Research Chinese honorary academician Xu Shicheng, the evening of 7 in China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter analysis, although this is not the first from Latin American countries who won the Nobel peace prize, and the Columbia government and the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as "brother Wu") peace agreement reached recently in a referendum in the country has not passed, but the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Santos, still has an important significance for the peace process in Columbia. In September 26th this year, the president of Columbia Santos and the "brother leader Wu" Rodriguez? Londono echeverri? At the Cartagena Convention Center formally signed a peace agreement. This marks the end of the armed conflict between the two sides for more than half a century. International dignitaries including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of state Kerrey, and the president of the Cuban Council of state and President of the Council of ministers Raul? Castro and other major Latin American leaders attended the signing ceremony, witnessed the end of Latin America, the largest armed conflict. Xu Shicheng pointed out that the Colombian army is the most powerful in Columbia and Latin America, an anti government guerrillas, there are currently more than 7000 armed members. In its most powerful period, had control of about 40% of the territory of Columbia. Over the past 50 years, the Colombian armed conflict with the government caused more than 250 thousand deaths, so that the displacement of about 6000000 people. Since 1998, the Columbia government began to negotiate with the "brother Wu", but the negotiation process is not smooth after several delays. Even in Santos’s term, the negotiations lasted 4 years. In 2012, in Cuba and Norway as a guarantor, Venezuela and Chile as an observer of the mediation, the two sides began in Havana, Cuba to restart peace talks. The two sides signed the final ceasefire agreement in June 23rd this year, and in the end of August to reach a comprehensive peace agreement in Havana. The contents of the agreement include "elder brother" to lay down their arms, to suspend drug trafficking and other criminal acts, and transformed into a political organization; the establishment of a special tribunal to hear the responsibility of the guerrillas, etc.. However, a referendum in October 2nd, the smooth progress of the peace process suffered a major setback. On the same day, Columbus)相关的主题文章: