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Maldives announced that from the commonwealth government issued a statement publicly – Sohu Military Channel Xinhua Colombo on 13 October, male news: Maldives Ministry of foreign affairs 13, said in a statement, in view of the long-term since the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and the Commonwealth Secretariat to give Maldives unfair treatment, the decision of the government of Maldives from the commonwealth. The statement said that since 2012, the Maldives constitution and presidential election program to complete the change of power in accordance with, although Ma government always maximize the coordination of the Commonwealth, showing maximum transparency and participation, but the Commonwealth to take punitive measures against ma. The statement said that under the help of the Commonwealth to set up a national investigation committee has concluded that the transfer of power in Maldives in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the British federal punitive measures against Maldives is unreasonable. The statement also said that the Commonwealth has been trying to become an active participant in the horse’s internal affairs, which violates the United Nations and the Commonwealth charter. Maldives will continue to maintain bilateral and multilateral participation in international affairs. In early 2012, the outbreak of large-scale anti-government demonstrations in Maldives, when President Nahid announced his resignation in February. 2013, the presidential election after several times, repeatedly postponed the election time, causing great concern in the international community. Abdullah was elected president of Maldives in November 2013. The Commonwealth ministerial action group warned last month that if Maldives fails to make substantial progress in legislation and democracy, the Commonwealth will consider punitive measures, including the suspension of its membership. The Commonwealth is a loose political and economic consultation and cooperation organization. The predecessor of the British Empire, the first World War to the commonwealth. The Commonwealth is not a republic, and there is no central government. King is the name of the Commonwealth Heads of state. The Commonwealth does not have authority, the Secretariat is the executive body of the commonwealth.相关的主题文章: