The following year enrollment through the education teaching point to break the last mile of poverty 高达08ms小队

In the open education teaching point break enrollment poverty last mile of the original title: "the following year enrollment" teaching break through educational poverty alleviation "last mile" Han Jiahui teaching point in poor areas poor school conditions, school-age children are not in school because of lack of hardware and software, through education and poverty alleviation in the last mile to the national introduction of educational standards, increase the financial support, improve the treatment of teachers, teaching quality assurance. The day before, a "village school children were refused the video on the Internet spread and caused public attention. In the video, 8 of school-age children in the first grade town adori village in Guangnan County of Yunnan Province, Pearl Street for school year enrollment policy, not in school. According to the school this year does not receive the first grade students, Guangnan County Pearl Street Town Center School Principal Huang Yiqian responded that the school from the beginning of 2010 has been the year enrollment, because the school does not have the normal enrollment conditions, one is the hardware conditions, classrooms, desks and chairs can not be provided to students; the second part is a teacher. A class must have at least one teacher, but we only have 4 teachers in this place. Guangnan County Education Bureau Education Unit Wang Yukun said, Guangnan county has 63 teaching points, the following year enrollment is a common phenomenon in teaching, not a problem in primary school, but the common problems in poor areas. The teaching point is the primary school which is not formed, which is the new situation of the adjustment and layout of rural compulsory education in recent years. By the end of last year, there are about 90 thousand teaching points in the central and western regions of our country, and there are about 4 million children in these teaching points. At present, many places of teaching points to the local center management, lack of autonomy in the allocation and use of funds. At the same time, the teaching point is a non conventional school, the standard investment is difficult to ensure its basic operation, the standard investment can not produce scale efficiency. In education under the condition of limited resources, the rural teaching point is difficult to obtain the local government fair, adequate, effective financial support, facing the lack of educational resources, teaching facilities deficiency, can not enjoy the achievements of modern education development dilemma. As an important teaching organization form of rural education, teaching points not only provide students with the opportunity to receive education, but also the cradle of the local residents. The village is also a teaching dilemma China rural education dilemma, teaching is the key point to run, Douzhu bottom of the whole education, education is the proper meaning of poverty alleviation. To solve the crisis of school teaching, we need to introduce the national level of school standards, local standards. According to the standard of what we lack, equipment resources, and gradually realize the digital teaching. Secondly, to open the national curriculum, to achieve unified management of the teaching center and the center of the school, a unified arrangement of teachers, unified curriculum, unified teaching progress. Finally, to ensure the quality, to ensure that the quality of teaching points is the same as the regular school. Teachers are the key factors to ensure the quality of education, improve the treatment of teachers, strengthen the training of teachers, and retain the rural teachers. First anti-poverty and ignorance, poverty alleviation to Fu chi. Let the children in poor areas receive a good education相关的主题文章: