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Fund week review: Jiutai macro PPP hot market test logic – the authenticity of fund channel view market view: the market will still continue concussion, uncertainties at home and abroad rise or lead to asset price volatility rises. Ruoshi style will continue, the industry is expected to boom and profit uncertainty will become the dominant factor in the performance section. The proposed allocation: industry, animal husbandry and Fishery: focus on the recommended configuration (especially animal husbandry), leading pharmaceutical (Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, medicine circulation), non silver; less with the real estate cycle varieties. Theme, it is recommended to focus on PPP. First, market performance: the Fed’s September meeting the boot floor, the world’s major stock indexes rose across the board; in the United States and Europe, long-term bond yields slightly downward; precious metals and industrial goods prices rose sharply; emerging market currencies against the dollar rebounded significantly. 1 of the world’s A stock index rose mainly outside the market last week, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed up, the S & P 500 and the Dow, NASDAQ rose 1.19%, 0.76%, 1.17%; the world’s other major indexes are all up, the decline in the top three of the Taiwan weighted index, CAC40 France, Germany DAX. The domestic stock market last week, the Shanghai Composite Index, the gem rose 1.03%, 0.56%. Sub industry, last week, the first 29 CITIC industry rose. Among them, the largest increase in three industry sectors respectively, real estate, coal, construction, or were 3.09%, 3%, 2.79% or three industries; the smallest plate for the defense industry, media, non-ferrous metals, or were 0.15%, 0.49%, 0.52%.     2 China’s long-term bond yields continue downward slightly. This week, Treasury yields China ten year rate of decline in 2.61BP, continue concussion; the United States, the euro zone’s ten year Treasury yields decreased 8BP and 1.8BP; ten of Japan’s 10-year bond yields rebounded slightly, the rate of increase of 1BP.   3 precious metals and industrial metals rose sharply. This week WTI crude oil rose 0.52%, slightly down 0.09%; domestic steel and coke rose 1.68% and 8.99% respectively. Precious metals, gold and silver rose 1.80% and 4.04%, respectively.   4 emerging market currencies rebounded significantly. The central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar appreciation of 0.34%, CNY appreciation of 0.03%, CNH devaluation of 0.37%. The dollar index fell 0.56% to 95.50; the euro against the US dollar 0.63% yen against the dollar; 1.21%; $0.25% against the dollar; emerging currencies against the dollar appeared appreciation, the russian rubles and ringgit against the dollar appreciation of 2.23% and 2.36% respectively.   two, the macroscopic data and events of the 1 foreign FOMC in September: the Fed interest rate decision to maintain the target interest rate unchanged; the Bank of Japan announced that the latest interest rate decision, decided to halt the troops and wait. Attention next week the United States first.相关的主题文章: