Hand travel into the monopoly period of small and medium content providers were forced to flee overs 纪元1701

Mobile Games entered the oligopoly stage of medium and small content providers was forced to flee overseas Li Li side SARFT issued Mobile Games history of the most stringent new regulations, one side is the domestic market gradually formed Mobile Games Tencent, NetEase two strong monopoly, the domestic small and medium-sized CP (content providers) have fled abroad. The day before Mobile Games domestic listed companies released semi annual report, the formation of clear duopoly. Gamma data statistics show that in the entire Chinese hand travel market, Tencent, NetEase, the two companies accounted for 70% of total revenue, and the rest did not have a company’s market share of more than 5%. Small CP overseas is not easy to run, the need to face market differentiation, how to landing and a series of difficulties. In the industry view, the degree of market will be affected by a certain degree of oligopoly, hand travel to finish the barbaric growth period, followed by a long dull dark period. Duopoly heavily dependent on the existence of hidden game Tencent and NetEase two game companies are further divided into the domestic market to further identify the identity of the duopoly. According to the China game industry report shows that in the first half of 2016 China’s gaming market real income reached 78 billion 750 million yuan, of which the hand travel market revenue of $37 billion 480 million. Only Tencent and NetEase, the two companies together accounted for 70% of total industry revenue, the percentage of market share of the remaining manufacturers are single digits and the following. Tencent as of June 30, 2016 second quarter results, revenue was 35 billion 691 million yuan, an increase of 52%, of which online game revenue was 17 billion 124 million yuan, an increase of 32%, accounting for 46.8% of total revenues in. Reporters access to the results of the report, the growth is mainly used by Tencent users to play the role of smart phones to play and role playing hand travel, while the contribution of several Tencent PC game is relatively small. NetEase, in 2016 second quarter total revenue reached 8 billion 953 million yuan, an increase of 96%, of which online game service net income is 6 billion 438 million yuan, growth of 76% over the same period in 2015 of 3 billion 657 million yuan, the total revenue accounted for more than 71.9%, showing the game much more. Analysts believe that online game service gross profit growth was mainly due to the contribution of hand travel revenue. Giant also strengthen their own advantages through capital acquisitions. This year, Tencent formed a consortium of Finland Mobile Games developer Supercell, which has developed the "tribal conflict" and "tribal conflict: the Royal war" such as global popularity of the game, the estimated total amount of the transaction amounted to $8 billion 600 million. Most of the Supercell stake (84.3%) control will be used to deepen the influence of Tencent in the field of mobile gaming. But the heavy dependence on the game, but also let the giants began to expose their ceiling. According to public information, intelligent mobile phone game Tencent in 2015 four quarter revenues were 4 billion 400 million yuan, 4 billion 500 million yuan, 5 billion 300 million yuan and 7 billion 100 million yuan, the second half of 2015 to the first quarter of this year, the new game Tencent end tour revenue growth, but once the stimulus is weak, the two quarter of the end of the tour income is only 7 billion 500 million yuan, much lower than the 90.相关的主题文章: