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Because of a single product market "abandoned" Wuxi Weiyan after transformation into big "die" – the king news agency of the new network in Nanjing Xinhua: August 31 was a single product market "abandoned" after the transition into a new agency Wuxi Weiyan "model" in Wang reporter Sun Quan founded in 90s at the beginning of the mold the production enterprises, the market has experienced the Blitz and "abandoned", and ultimately through its own technological innovation, product chain development initiatives such as the return to the leading position in the industry, has become the China manufacturing transformation of "miniature" of. In an interview with reporters, Wuxi micro research Limited by Share Ltd president Zou trendy said, Wuxi micro research to do world-class precision manufacturing technology service enterprises, "China manufacturing" among the international market accurately assists". "The Olympic Games, China table tennis players known as the ‘devil’, that we should be considered a big ‘die’ domestic precision manufacturing industry king." 22 years, Wuxi has produced the first deputy Chinese Weiyan domestic air conditioner fin mold, first deputy automotive air conditioning, first deputy auto fin die mold seat rail…… This series of products significantly reduce the cost of "made in China", but also exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, Brazil and other 15 countries and regions. Wuxi micro research was established in 1994, through the management idea and technology imported from Japan, in Chinese to achieve a number of domestic precedent, established its leading position in the industry of precision molds. After 2000, with the intensification of market competition, Wuxi micro research also has to face the market share, the talent loss dilemma. The main product is less, a single export area, in addition, the low price competition between the industry also led to the bad money to expel good money farce." When talking about the "abjection" scene, Zou Xinchao described, at that time, enterprises in the market tide once lost, was "forced" to do some low-end products, because these products are selling fast and high profits. But after calm, decision-makers decided: to capture the "sophisticated", others can not imitate. By 2012, through a series of innovations, not only in Wuxi Weiyan fin die field to regain market share, will also reach out to the automotive field: relying on technological advantages, Wuxi micro research successfully developed automobile seat rail mold import substitution, and make continuous order Johnson, Lear and other international well-known automobile seat customers the. When there is no domestic manufacturers of air-conditioning fin mold, can only be bought in Japan, a mold to about 5000000 yuan (RMB), and later to localization, and the price dropped to $1 million." He pointed out that some advanced technology equipment, there is no domestic, can only rely on imports, are often trampled upon". Over the years, we focus on a project to do, is to be able to achieve an international leader in the monomer." Zou Xinchao told reporters that the second half of last year, the domestic air conditioning industry began to inventory, so a large number of new projects to reduce, reduce domestic procurement, the company began to focus on the international market, and achieved good results. This year the company set overseas sales target to double. "Domestic and international well-known air-conditioning enterprises"相关的主题文章: