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Hainan Airlines Flights to Sydney Changsha success – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Sydney Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) Hainan Airlines Airbus A330 flight departure from Changsha, after twenty hours and ten minutes, the 13 day morning to Australia in Sydney, across the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge smooth landing at Sydney International Airport Jinsifu. Speech by Vice President of the Hainan Uni Airways Corporation Pu Ming celebrate success in the evening at the inaugural reception. It is reported that this is from Lai Hailong photo, China Hainan Airlines officially opened for the first time to Changsha flights to Sydney, the flights will further improve the HNA quality global intercontinental route network layout, provide more convenience for international travel. In order to welcome the first passengers to take the Hainan Airlines flight to Sydney, and to commemorate this important moment. Hainan airlines to fly the special arrangements to create new styles, the Airbus A330 aircraft in Asaka, flew over Sydney, through Sydney city route across Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, allowing passengers to view over the Sydney morning scenery, feel the hustle and bustle of the city before the quiet, with magnificent and majestic landscape of Sydney air flight attitude to wake up the city. Such a grand and creative inaugural activities, highlighting the Hainan Airlines Skytrax five-star service brand. The plane arrived in Sydney Kingsford Airport, Hainan Airlines flight at the airport held a brief welcoming ceremony. Chinese economic and Commercial Counselor of the Consulate General in Sydney, Sydney Kingsford Airport CEO Kerry Wang Hongbo. Mather, vice president of the Hainan Uni Airways Corporation, New South Wales Po Ming Trade and Tourism Minister Stuart attended the event and delivered a speech, the local chamber of Commerce and representatives of well-known companies, Hainan Airlines local customers and friendly media to meet Jinsifu International Airport, Hainan airlines and a witness to the success of the inaugural Sydney Changsha this important moment. Sydney Kingsford Airport chief officer. Speech at the celebration party on marced. According to Lai Hailong she signed last June 17th in Australia Free Trade Agreement, the Australian government will Chinese citizens multiple entry visa time from 3 years to 10 years, after the United States, Canada, Singapore, fourth of Chinese citizens 10 years multiple entry visa countries. This means that Chinese tourists can be more convenient and efficient travel to australia. The opening of Changsha to Sydney route will bring more investors from China to the southeast of Australia, as well as to create more convenient transportation conditions for Chinese and Australian business people, students and travelers.相关的主题文章: