Guo Ming 錤iphone 8 will return to the double glass design, stainless steel frame into a high running man 20130908

Guo Mingji: iPhone will return to the other 8 double-sided glass, stainless steel frame into a high version of the exclusive BI Chinese station in September 30th reported a design for three years, iPhone next year finally ushered in major changes in the appearance of the. But always predict God KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji said, Taiwan, iPhone 8 will be back on the iPhone 4 era classic double glass design, and add wireless charging function. However, the concept of the design of the whole glass body appears not to appear. Guo Mingji said: with the current technical conditions, the whole glass body is not realistic, so in order to strengthen the structural strength of the fuselage, iPhone will be used to do the metal frame." However, from the screen size and color differences taste the sweetness of the many apple will continue to extend its difference of suction gold pattern, become the product line with the products will be on the border of the iPhone stainless steel price superior to others. Guo Mingji said: "in the Apple Watch on apple with this strategy, the stainless steel version of the product in appearance than Aluminum Alloy is better, but more costly. Therefore, Apple may be the exclusive elements into high iPhone stainless steel frame." In the back of the shell material, Guo Mingji believes that iPhone 8 will all standard glass material. However, some people think that Apple will continue to make money in this regard. IPhone shell is responsible for the production of Catcher Technology company, said: in 2017, only one iPhone will use the glass shell." "I don’t think the iPhone design changes will affect the Catcher’s revenue, because whether or not to use the glass shell, the metal frame is necessary, and the manufacturing cost can be less than this sandwich style full metal body low now." (compile sharp) video National Day recommended Beijing’s blocking 3 kilometers, sister paper Street Pro Internet travel [Chinese rights American Business Insider works by Tencent Inc owned exclusively. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. WeChat public number: BI Chinese station]相关的主题文章: