This game iPhone home cancel key design have to wait for next year (video) cad2012序列号和密钥

This game iPhone Home cancel key design have to wait for next year Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, Apple plans to first use design scheme of Home bond in the next launch iPhone flagship models. According to Bloomberg News "" pointed out that the next generation iPhone will also integrate a technology called FeliCa, which is SONY mobile for the development of the Japanese "pay per click" standard (Tapto Pay). The FeliCa chip can let users in Japan the bus card information stored in the iPhone above, and then using a mobile phone in front of the entrance of the scanner with a tap to pay, but do not have to use real payment card. It is reported that iPhone models are expected to launch next year will usher in a huge change in the design level, the most obvious is the first time to cancel the design of the Home bond for many years. A source pointed out that the cancellation of the Home key has been one of Apple’s long-term goals, and the company will be the first in the next year’s iPhone to achieve this goal. In fact, as early as in 2011 when there was news that Apple will remove iPhone Home physical buttons, when outside analysts believe that apple can through this way the liberation of a part of the precious screen space, and simulate the Home button function in the form of software. But when Apple introduced the TouchID in 2013, and integrate into the Home button, the Home button to remove voice stops for a long period of time. Not long ago, there is news that Touch ID and Force Touch technology is expected to integrate together for Apple iPhone 7 service. Simply speaking, the new Home key will no longer use the design of the concave surface of the screen, in conjunction with the flush, and will not be really pressed, but will be built in Macbook similar ForceTouch like touch feedback technology for providing vibration feedback to users. The so-called Force Touch is Apple’s Apple Watch, a new MacBook and a new MacBook Pro touch sensing technology. Through the ForceTouch, the device can perceive the light pressure and the weight of the strength, and call out different functions for the device to give a new dimension of operation. Moreover, this Home key design changes will greatly enhance the iPhone7 waterproof capacity. Of course, the original integration of the Home key in the Touch ID function is almost impossible to be abandoned by apple, so the most likely solution is Touch ID fingerprint identification function will be directly integrated into the screen. According to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently released an Apple patent application content display, the company recently filed a Touch ID can be integrated into the screen, and to remove the fingerprint identification module, independent patent. The patent will support some or all of the screen is used as a Touch ID, although the use of this patent iPhone7 probability is very small, but some foreign media, including!相关的主题文章: