Foreign media the world’s central bankers know that the game is over to know what is going to happen 残清1864

Foreign media: global central bank to end the elite know know what the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen game (left), the European Central Bank President Delagi (right) after 2008, has taken significant action globalists for the preservation of the integrity of the system. The billionaire class, especially from capitalism and bubble economy oligarchies overflow stratum and the Keynes doctrine spread media together, echoed each other to persuade the world, the only way we can survive is to trillions of dollars to the "very important" in the system of the people. In this regard, Warren Buffett is a good example. Buffett has accumulated a great deal of wealth and is proud to have lost money in an investment. But when the crisis began in 2008, he faced a very real possibility that his wealth would be halved. Somehow, Buffett managed to convince the public that he was a very important person. While persuading the public, he also worked hard to promote the rescue of Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and other companies, and he holds a large stake in these companies. Buffett was not the only one to do so, but he was one of the most famous. Let’s go straight to the point: bailouts and money transfers to big companies in 2008 completely betrayed capitalism. From the central bank to control the consequences we can accurately predict that stagflation low quality employment opportunities, bring little liquidity wealth to the accumulation of eight years later, the elite panic, because the game is over. You can see this in many ways. People build this disruption (Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers and others) and stood out, with a kind of them and will not be responsible for the revisionist rhetoric. Similarly, bankers who are now in charge of the central bank have begun to give up the responsibility for the consequences. This in a class such as Delagi and Yellen in the most obvious for central bankers, can achieve their goals, central bankers even give up all the alibis, put the blame on the political institutions such as the Congressional body. Kuroda Higashihiko, the governor of the Bank of Japan, said in January that the potential for GDP was limited, no matter what policy he took. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi admitted that even if he took four negative interest rates and quantitative measures to cut interest rates 1 trillion Euro easing, the ECB is still not in ten years to reach its inflation target. The Fed chairman Janet – Yellen has begun to obscure urged Congress to take policy measures, because she has no ammunition. These are the key signs, from the fed to control the top of the economic structure of the signs. These people, who are from the Fed’s control of the economic structure, know that the game is over and they know what’s going to happen next. They also know that political trends are bad for them. Now the global emergence of a populist trend, Britain returned to Europe, toplia Le, Pen, Duterte are part of this trend. Whether you like it or not, these people are irrelevant. Their)相关的主题文章: