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Beijing city express Hangzhou strange sign company responded that will recover as soon as possible – Beijing, Ms. Ning in October with rookie single wrapped parcel, wind up delivery pick-up after delivery, but from Shijingshan sent to Fangshan a week after the package still received, Ms. Ning was informed that the express was sent to Hangzhou. "Customer service staff actually said that because of this interpretation, the way" let Ms. Ning dumbfounding. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter found by express express a single query, signed in Hangzhou on October 17th. As wind express said that due to the wrong information caused by the admission of the situation occurs, will try to recover the express, if you can not recover the negotiated compensation. Tucao: Beijing express to send Hangzhou Ms. Ning said, in October 9th, she wrapped APP a mailing list for rookie, to a bunch of aloes on hand a friend sent to Fangshan from Shijingshan District. In fact, very close, I was going to send her to the past, but just a little thing to choose express delivery." After the order, such as wind up the courier staff to take the door, Ms. Ning, the normal fill the sender, the recipient’s address and other information. "Before the city is often sent express, fast, then it may be the day, slow, then second days to." Unexpectedly sent four or five days later, Ms. Ning’s friend called to say that she has not received a courier sent. Not only that, even the courier company’s phone has not received. Ms. Ning wonder unceasingly, then queries express a single number that oneself express was sent to Hangzhou (pictured). "I quickly called the courier company, customer service staff replied unexpectedly because I was on the way." This answer let Ms. Ning dumbfounding, "I sent a courier in Beijing City, how to how to get around on the way to Hangzhou?" After she repeatedly communicate with the customer service staff, the other said it would reflect the situation to the higher authorities, and as soon as possible. "The last explanation to me is because the information input error, resulting in the wrong place, but also did not say how to solve." Mail has been nearly a month, Ms. Ning has not received any feedback. "A string of hand almost a few hundred dollars, I had to re sent to a friend." Answer: as soon as possible to express yesterday afternoon, according to the Beijing morning news reporter Ms. Ning express a single query, October 9th shipment from Shijingshan into the station, then express via Shanghai after being sent to Hangzhou, the afternoon of October 17th by Hangzhou delivery service success. In Ning’s mobile phone page shows that her courier is still on the way courier. Reporters call the wind up customer service call, the other said that the express has been signed in Hangzhou. Reporter asked why the city of Beijing will be signed by strangers? The other explained, before receiving the customer’s response, the matter has been questioned, that is because the input information is wrong and wrong. At that time, we will also convey this message to the Hangzhou Railway Station side, but there is no immediate interception of this express, has been sent out and was signed by others." Customer service staff said, for the occurrence of the matter is very sorry, will be recovered as soon as possible, if not recovered, will send someone to discuss the matter with Ms. Ning compensation. Beijing Morning News Hotline reporter Kang Jiasheng相关的主题文章: