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China Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping inspected Chengdu West China’s first overseas Dream Garden – Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, September 13, (Xu Yangyi Liu Meicen) 13 afternoon, State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping inspected the Sichuan just inaugurated the overseas dream garden in Chengdu, and a memorial stone for the opening of overseas dream garden. This is the establishment of the western region, the first dream of overseas Chinese garden". "Overseas dream garden" is the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to create well in the national key development in the strategic layout of the chamber of Commerce and industry gathering area of overseas Chinese innovation base, innovation is the core carrier million overseas operations. "Overseas dream garden" or "Chinese dream", by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in cooperation with local governments, to provide comprehensive services for the whole chain of Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to build collaborative innovation demonstration zone two venture, at home and abroad gathered a variety of innovative elements. Previously, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office founded the overseas dream garden has 12, located in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong (Zengcheng, Jiangmen). Qiu Yuanping said, Sichuan overseas dream park where the Chengdu hi tech Zone, is a national innovation demonstration zone, Chengdu will build second airports. Preferential policy environment, so that the opening degree of Sichuan is getting higher and higher, there are 316 world’s top 500 enterprises settled in Sichuan. Sichuan official attaches great importance to play the role of science and technology in the development of economic transformation, innovation driven as one of the three major development strategies, and efforts to improve the investment environment, to create a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. Qiu Yuanping stressed that today’s Sichuan has become a hot spot for the majority of overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship. She hoped that the overseas Chinese science and technology circles and business circles of friends play intellectual superiority, for Sichuan development suggestions, in-depth understanding of Sichuan and to share development opportunities, and actively participate in national innovation and development "The Belt and Road" strategy implementation, participate in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the process of further realization of each individual career the major development and the value of life. In the afternoon, some of the guests attending the 2016 China overseas high-tech talent fair in Western China also went to Chengdu hi tech Zone in Sichuan, overseas dream garden was investigated. "Japan now has nearly 1 million overseas Chinese, many of whom have technology and experience, if these people lead to the" overseas dream garden "of this platform, the development of domestic construction, is of great significance to both sides." President of the Federation of overseas Chinese women’s Federation of Japan, said Xue Ping, Chengdu, as China’s western development is relatively mature city, the development of a lot of opportunities for overseas Chinese professionals are very attractive. The Chinese Association of travel law and aerospace representatives Xu Xiangyu said that this trip he felt the vitality of Chengdu, here is not only very novel, the key is very real." Xu Xiangyu said, there are many successful cases, so that overseas Chinese can be seen as real. "Overseas Chinese Dream Park is built specifically for overseas Chinese, and I hope to be able to think of our special nature, but also to help us with domestic enterprises and parks have more exchanges." Xu Xiangyu told reporters that he had a word to say to the younger generation abroad相关的主题文章: