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Hu Haimo: the baby is a mathematical prodigy? These four points "foreshadowing" – even if the Sohu maternal mentioned mathematical talent, many people think of what the Mathematical Olympiad, to be sure about the mathematics curriculum of normal students, even to attend what Olympic math competition, actually don’t need what special talent in Mathematics for normal, mathematical ability after continuous training is formed, each children have the. So, what is the state of our talent? What is the performance of a child with mathematical talent? This must be a matter of concern to many parents. First of all, we need to understand what kind of mathematics is a kind of knowledge? The definition given on the Internet is that mathematics is a discipline that studies the concepts of quantity, structure, change, space and information. Thus mathematics is an abstract science, and if the children with mathematical talent, the child must have very good abstraction ability, can make concrete things can automatically translate into abstract concepts and abstract categories. Here are some examples of scientists, through these examples, we come to realize that their children have a mathematical genius. A: know two "points" and the "3 points" is not the same as the birth of Bao Baogang, has been very sensitive to the number of. If you don’t believe it, you can try it: if you show a picture of two points to the baby several times, he will end up getting used to it. But if you give him a picture with 3 dots, then the little one will be excited to discover something new. You see, he knows how to distinguish between two "points" and "3 points". Two: 18 months that began to differentiate the geometry little experiment: if you give the child a rounded picture, then over his eyes, he can hand in a pile of square, circle and triangle blocks to find that a circular. Three: 2-3 years old, pack up toys can know the classification of this age of the baby, the ability of classification is more and more strong. He can find out what is not the same thing in a pile of toys. Look, how can the red soldier be in the Yellow soldier? He should take it out quickly. This is the basis for the future study of the classification of odd and even numbers, the distinction between integers and fractions. Four indicate: 2-3 years can count! "I want you so much!" the child stretched out 3 fingers to you, loudly say. He is transitioning to the stage of expressing numbers by numbers. This is a critical stage. At first, he used his fingers as a tool, slowly, more and more with the abstract image to count". You see, when singing the "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the tigers, he can count! Of course, this is just some of the signs, not because the child has the performance of certain representatives have some mathematical talent, but at least that the performance of children in these aspects!相关的主题文章: