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Single parent family education, the role of the father to play the role of the mother and daughter in the eyes of the Sohu, the role of the father must be highlighted. Remember the "Desperate Housewives", Susan’s 4 year old son to do parent-child homework, because her husband died unexpectedly Mike, Susan can only endure the pain of bereavement told his son: Mom can do together car model and you ah. But the son is not willing, Susan tried to throw the wall together with the son can vent, but finally the father of several blocks in the Mike out with the help of Susan son to finish the homework, the child finally untied the knot. Can be seen in the hearts of children in his father’s position is indispensable. At the social environment and the elderly, so that the role of the father in the Chinese children’s growth seems to be not essential, even if the father involved, will result in "I not only earn money for the family, I have kids, pay so much, I want to do" psychological suggestion. There is some fathers with children, in addition to playing mobile phone is watching TV, the children tried to quiet a little while, in this way, it would not be with child. See in the circle of friends recently, an interesting view of information but also the way to learn a new word ""’s parenting; what is the meaning of the word in the end it simply said. A precise vicious words, means of family education in one party (usually the father) missing. Some people will ask the fact that the woman’s home at home is not what is not laundry, cooking, pier to clean up the house ironing clothes, told the child to wash his hair before drinking plenty of water do not forget to brush your teeth before going to bed… These are trivial but it seems to have no value, to ensure a good home run but the men won’t do they want to earn a wage back collapsed on the couch playing mobile phone but to tell the truth, many families do not earn men than women so much why? If everyone has a lot of roles to play in their lives, the role of women should be the most. Some people think that mother’s love is the love of a father is dominant, recessive, or how called father. A large number of users not on this topic. @ Norway pyromania: every time I do not know what love is heavy than my mother gave me the love he lacks too much. @kuma today also happy to SAN: "milk is the mother" rare in life, but since the thought that "money is the father," a man grabbed a. Diane: @ morning and colleagues said their father’s day, is this point of view, say that love is the child of nature, is a piece of meat fell on the mother, father and child is not close to normal. I said this is Chinese father escape parental responsibility way they are finally out of the "not to regard it as right, it is because you are not married, you have kids," if my husband even their own children are reluctant to take care of it, to what. @chinngu: it’s true that many dads don’t care about anything… Can’t stand for this silent love…. Have fun: @ boring people used to think that love is silent, then grow up to react, my upbringing and education相关的主题文章: