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Jared · Leto starring biopic as artist Andy · Holger Jared · Leto will play Andy · Warhol "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 20th (author: Borys Kit ·) Jared; Leto, Michael de · · Lucas and Terrence · winter, Andy will jointly adapted · the film Warhol’s life story, the pop artist with artistic and commercial mix make known to every family. In this named "Warhol" (Warhol) biographical film, Jared · Leto will play Andy · Warhol, and he will also serve as the film’s producer, Michael de · · Lucas will also serve as the film’s producer, who served for people films including Oscar best film the award for "the social network" (The Social Network), and the Oscar nominated "Captain Phillips" (Captain Phillips). Terrence · winter is HBO classic drama "boardwalk Empire" (Boardwalk Empire) chief, he is Leonardo · Dicaprio starred in "the wolf of Wall Street" (The Wolf of Wall Street) screenwriter, he will be responsible for the creation of "Warhol" in the script. Andy · Warhol is a famous artist active in the last century in 50s and 60s, he through commercial advertising painting in New York has become famous commercial designer, he will also become the embodiment of soup cans and bottles of art, it is also widely known, he created a portrait of Mao Zedong in 2014 to 7 million 600 thousand pounds sold at auction. Although the society is very opposed to homosexuality and fear, but he was bold openly gay. For Jared · Leto, this role is simply tailored for him, in 2013 he won in the "Dallas buyers club" (Dallas Buyers Club) playing a homosexual transvestite and won the Oscar Award for best supporting actor, and he in this summer blockbuster "X" task force (Suicide Squad) play crazy the killing spree "clown", also by the audience love, Jared Leto is shooting at · Denis · vinylon Villeneuve’s "Blade Runner" (Blade Runner) sequel. This movie project also is Michael · de · Luca’s strengths, after he had repeatedly well-known stories on screen, in addition to about Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg’s "the social network", and tells the story of Richard · captain Phillips "Captain Phillips", he also]相关的主题文章: