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Shanghai best hotel here – the original parent-child weekend with the baby a good place for Sohu to take children on holiday tourism travel, hotel is a problem, and I will bring the traffic convenience, the surrounding environment and supporting facilities will be included within the scope of Pudong Kerry Hotel, in addition to the above all have, and one of the biggest bright spot that is his children’s adventure park. In the morning the children heard Kerry Hotel Pudong exploration paradise, Shanghai is said to be the one and only large children’s Adventure Park, is also the most fun amusement park, is expected to! The hotel of the children’s seen too few, but the Pudong Kerry Hotel, children’s playground amazed me, when I stood in the 90 degree devil slide, the vertical height of two floors to see my leg is a little soft, the next person smiled and asked me to play, I quickly shook his head don’t try to say. I still say it is for kids? Of course, and the kids love it". Said, then there is a 8 or 9 year old boy ran over to hold his arms on the starting point of the landslide, has not been waiting for me to react, a gust of wind down into the ocean ball, only I look silly eyes. Although it seems so dangerous, but the little friend is playing awfully, Pudong Kerry Hotel children Adventure Park was built to design children’s toy maker Taylor Made by the UK’s leading slide by a precise calculation in the pursuit of stimulation in the absence of absolute security. Of course, there are also requirements for age, the slide is over 7 years old children to play. In addition to the devil slide, there are waves and double slide slide, each slide will be a challenge for me, coward did lose a lot of fun. The children’s Adventure Park covers an area of 700 square meters, it is the largest amusement park in Shanghai, it will be 2-4 years old and 4-12 years old children playing in different areas, in addition to the three slide and children climbing recreation and colorful fantasy theme party rooms, bear children here can not tired of playing on the all day. In addition to the children’s Adventure Park, he is more attractive to me! A week ago, a friend asked me to bring my daughter to live in Shanghai, where Disney good? No hesitation to recommend here, as the designated hotel Shanghai hotel is also the best parent Disney cooperation in the hotel lobby, you can buy tickets to Shanghai Disney, shuttle bus service, only 25 minutes, the children from the field of the parents, not only taking into account the Disney play will not miss this. The children’s adventure, what saves trouble trouble. From the beginning to enter the hotel lobby, you can feel the strong wind up business, and occupation of a few foreigners, the lobby design not magnificent, magnificent, but enthusiastic Guest Relations Commissioner beauty in front of the smiley face to greet, that all the surprises are in the building. This hotel is Kerry hotel suites, the living room is in the bedroom alone outside, as the Shangri-La group’s five star brand, attentive service and thoughtful design details have been widely praised. Because I took the baby相关的主题文章: