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Lin Duo: vigorously develop the characteristics of enriching industry   fostering the growth of county economy — local leaders — original title: efforts to build industrial system to foster the development of county economy and accelerate the process of well-off Fumin County Based on October 4th to 6, (Gansu) stressed that the vice secretary of provincial Party Committee, governor Lin Duo of Jinta County, Sunan County, Minle County in Hexi area Yongchang County, Minqin County, field research, to firmly establish the five development ideas, in accordance with the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, based on the geographical characteristics, resource endowments and industrial characteristics, scientific planning, reasonable layout, vigorously develop the characteristics of enriching industry, efforts to build industrial system, fostering the growth of county economy, pay close attention to the implementation of the policies and measures of poverty poverty alleviation accurate precision, and ensure the country a comprehensive well-off society. Lin Duo has deep Xi Qu Zhen Xin Min Cun, Minle County, Minqin County, and six fire Ba Zhen Kan Cun Shun Xin Cun, Jinta County Jinmiao agricultural demonstration garden and Lama Sunan County Ping technology demonstration farm, Yongchang County, Gansu Yi Quan Xinhe factory Minle county edible fungus production, aviko potato production in Jinta County Agriculture, pepper industry intensive processing industry base, research to understand the precise precise poverty out of poverty, enriching the industry cultivation situation. He stressed that the development of the characteristic industry as an important measure to enrich the people continued to increase people’s income poverty, take the initiative to adapt to market demand, adjust the planting structure, give full play to the leading role of the demonstration rich leaders, leading enterprises, agricultural cooperatives, encourage and guide enterprises with all kinds of factors of production, strengthen the application of new technology and new product development, promotion the characteristics of enriching the intensive development of the industry, the scale of operations, enhance the ability and level of the industry and enriching the people. How to solve the problem of development, fostering the growth of county economy is very concerned about the problem of Lin duo. Lin Duo has investigated the production and operation situation of Wuwei Jinta tamarisk depression Photoelectric Industrial Park, Sunan County Jinta County Jin Yuan mineral company, Qilian Mountains biotechnology company, Minqin County Jada Technology Co. ltd.. He stressed, should be based on resource endowments and geographical advantages, seize the country in-depth implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, as well as the province approved the construction of the country’s new energy policy comprehensive demonstration area of opportunity, and all kinds of parks as an important carrier of cultivating and strengthening the county economy, high starting point, high standard to promote the park planning and construction, strengthen the foundation facilities and related facilities construction, promote industrial intensive cluster development based on the construction of Industrial Park, accelerate the construction of industrial system, reinforce the foundation of Fumin County; to focus on the chain extension chain up strong chain, to further increase investment, focus on the precise investment, continuous improvement to extend the industrial chain, optimize the industrial park the structure, efforts to enhance the development level of county economy. During the investigation, Lin Duo visited Jinchang flower culture museum and Zhangye City Sunan County Yugur nationality culture and intangible cultural heritage construction. He stressed the need to actively promote the ecological protection, cultural heritage and tourism industry, the depth of integration, efforts to bring cultural resource advantages into industrial advantages, "the works into goods", with the development of cultural industries to promote culture prosperity, promote cultural industry and cultural prosperity)相关的主题文章: