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The National Day in the car embarrassed way: high-speed road to sleep with license plate "remote control curtain" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Wuhan October 7th new media news (reporter Liang Jianqiang) the National Day holiday, to usher in peak traffic highway. Hubei traffic police department to give up leave, take the initiative to go all out to maintain traffic order, investigate and deal with a number of traffic violations. Reporters on some of the wonderful things to sort out. High speed parking on the road to sleep. The 1 day at 7:15 PM, the Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province Highway Police Corps brigade police patrol to Dangyang city of Shanghai Chengdu Expressway Yichang to Wuhan near 1108 km, found a Sichuan license plate white car parked in the emergency lane. The white car open double flash, but the car did not place the safety signs. Seen from a distance, there seems to be no one in the car. The police came closer, the original car lying two man is sleeping. Police immediately knocked on the window to wake up the driver of the car, too sleepy, it can not afford to sleep, the driver explained. "Go 3 kilometers further to the service area, and you look at the side of the roaring traffic, how dangerous!" Police told the driver at high speed, the behavior of illegal parking has been recorded, will be the driver’s license record 6 points, fined 200 yuan, and immediately left to 3 kilometers ahead of the rest area. – take the emergency lane. National Day holiday, Han Yi high-speed Yongan section of Wuhan to Yichang direction slow traffic. Department of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of Hubei Province, the police seized a car on the road 926 kilometers 700 meters occupying the emergency lane of the Wuhan car license. However, the owners do not repent, 930 kilometers in the section of the emergency Lane occupied again. The traffic control department, the driver for the two occupation of the emergency channel, will face a fine of 400 yuan, a total of 12 points penalty. Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau revealed that only the first day of the national day, the Hubei Provincial Highway Police Corps entered a total of more than 1300 illegal traffic emergency lane. – "remote control curtain" on vehicle license plate". October 3rd, a Shaanxi man driving to the two Guangzhou Expressway Jingmen section, the vehicle failure. So, stop the highway call rescue. Then, rushed to the scene of the rescue staff found the vehicle before and after the plate are black cloth cover, the driver in the car can lift the remote control curtain, block the plate to reach. Rescue personnel will use mobile phone to shoot evidence, the Jingmen police and inform. Reporters learned that the illegal behavior of the driver is not installed in accordance with the provisions of the license plate has been documented, the driver will face a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 12 points penalty. – it’s too close to the car. 1 pm to 1:50 PM, Hubei Jingshan Police Brigade police and highways staff to patrol the Suiyue freeway section of Jingshan, found a white car parked in the emergency lane, and through the window to the police. Police judge, the vehicle needs help, so stop asking about the situation. It turned out that the car was just driving on the highway, in front of a truck falling foreign body, but the driver did not stay in time.相关的主题文章: