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Guo Degang countered the Cao Yunjin sun invoice: note the time to Guo Degang to refute Cao Yunjin sun – Sohu entertainment invoice   Cao Yunjin drying out the media Sohu entertainment news 25 am, Guo Degang Cao Yunjin had accused the long response, sharp tongued, referring to his own apprentice do not charge tuition, then Yue Yunpeng also forwarded to the micro-blog said "I never had to pay tuition fees." The afternoon of September 25th, Cao Yunjin once again micro-blog issued a response to Guo Degang, said "the twenty day, you finally wrote a new story. But I’m telling you the truth, you’re talking about the street". Back in long, Cao Yunjin pointed out that Guo Degang does not agree on tuition fees before and after loopholes, posted a bill to prove Guo Degang tuition, directed at the age of 15, I do not know you are 27 years old in fraud". Also sharp words: "my self-restraint has been used up before anger! You stand on the moral high ground, saying that kindness, mercy is done, not to say it. You always say to me the opportunity to be the actual rise head and shoulders above others, I would like to stay alive. Sorry, your roof is big, but I think I don’t want to be dignified and imposing man, when the dog." Subsequently, Guo Degang forwarded micro-blog responded "you can find the invoice ah, engraved chapter cover that I charge, but should pay attention to all the time to get on the wrong time, invoice that Cao Yunjin sun.相关的主题文章: