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"Snail" Wang Kai "Duichang season" and Wang Ziwen lamented the show of affection [Abstract] as everyone knows, "if the snail has love" is the third collaboration "Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen fall in love", in the conference site, two people are happy time. "If love" snail launch conference: Wang Kai debut lead the audience screaming Wang Kai Wang Ziwen Tencent entertainment news (Wen Ceng Xue Jianyu video neetu Qin Fuqiang) suddenly shrill siren sounded, a sniper team, breaking down the wall suddenly fly over the walls, causing the audience to scream – the afternoon of October 24th, "if love" the snail launch conference opening shock. Starring Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, she starred in the stunning debut of, Zhang Yanyan, Xu Yue, Wu Xiaoyu, and so on, and so on, and so on. In the conference site, Wang Kai exposes starred in the drama character tongue ", and Wang Ziwen Duichang season" Chuibei, frequent bickering scene show affection, sugar makes the joy constantly. Tonight, the show will be officially landed in the Tencent and the Oriental TV video, video Tencent every Monday at 24 3 sets of free updates every Tuesday to Thursday, members of each update 20 point 1 sets, Oriental TV every Monday at 22 update 3 sets, don’t miss it. Wang Kai’s character in "season Duichang" with Conan. Sherlock Wang Ziwen admit drama "if love" snails have adapted from the novel of the same name ding ink, by Penguin film and the midday sun pictures CO produced, written by Zhu Zhu, directed by Hou Hongliang, Fang Fang, Zhou open, as a producer. The play is about the police captain bahls and psychological profilers Xu Xu during the investigation grew closer to the story. The two together with the case, the process is compact, "snail" love in the season of Xu Xu white demanding the gradual deepening. In the play, Wang Kai played the "White Season" because of the high cold tongue fans were named "other", and talked about this, Wang Kai said, a white season really hate "subtly malicious poison tongue, but very cute." Wang Kai said, he is because this season white is not perfect love this role, he broke the news in your life is also a "tongue" Kai ", I also have this problem, and very close friends will hate their tongue, so don’t, and I too familiar Oh, not what benefits." Wang Kai bad laugh way. Her sister tongue always compared to KKW, who plays "Xu Xu" Wang Ziwen is not so easy. Wang Ziwen broke the news, as an individual can not pass the genius of the psychological side of the division, in order not to be kicked out of the criminal police team, she needs to run every day, wrestling and strength training. At the same time, in order to enter the genius detective Wang Ziwen in the state as soon as possible, before filming was also specially to learn from "Conan", she said: "I read novels, Xu Xu and Conan feeling is very similar, are small, but is a genius." Wang Ziwen live show to the fans and psychological side write host invited Wang Ziwen to interact with the fans, the scene shows the psychological side to write, instantly turned "little Conan" Wang Ziwen praised Meng da! Wang Kai hero by fans and Wang Ziwen lamented the "anti Liao show affection as everyone knows," if the snail has love "is the third collaboration" Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen fall in love ", in the conference site, two people are happy time. When two people on the same stage,.相关的主题文章: