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Dissatisfaction with the attorney general’s office in South Africa lenient "blade" will appeal – China news agency new network in September 15 Johannesburg Xinhua (reporter Song Fangcan) a spokesman for South African general Lu Fu Procuratorate about · Mufaku said in September 15th, the supreme procuratorial organs to take north ho court lenient sentence of killing his girlfriend "blades" Oscar · pisituoruisi dissatisfaction will continue to appeal to the Supreme Court of appeal. Valentine’s Day 2013 morning, the Olympic Games and Paralympic champion contestant Pistor Reiss to hide in the home Restroom door after his girlfriend Kirsten Leva · Camp fired 4 shots, the shot. Afterwards, he mistakenly argued that his girlfriend as burglary robbers shot. This was considered That’s final. murders have suffered the "gourd monk" random sentence: October 2014, Marriott North Gauteng high court presiding judge Maxi Po after a marathon trial, announced that Pistor Reiss was manslaughter rather than murder, sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years only. South Africa’s discontent with the penalty prosecution and the victim’s family then filed an appeal in December last year, South Africa’s Supreme Court of appeal overturned the original judgment, finds Pistor Reiss at Restroom within the shot, regardless of who is behind the door, the murder should be established, the case will be sent back to the high court Beihao require re conviction and sentencing. In South Africa, the minimum sentence is 15 years in prison. June 13th to 15, the original trial judge Maxi Po re hearing of the case. In July 6th, Ma Xipo in sentencing, pointed out that the dead can not be resurrected, long term and not representative of justice. Considering the nature of the crime, social interests, the defendant has served 12 months in, and she is a person found the defendant not too likely to return, so only sentenced to 6 years in prison. In August 26th, Ma Xipo and forcefully rejected the prosecution request to the proposal, and said that she will not change her decision where. In this regard, Faku Tim said: "today (September 15th) the prosecutor responsible for the case of Nell and others have signed the relevant documents, tomorrow will be submitted to the Supreme Court of appeal." According to South African law, the Supreme Court of appeal will apply for an award to determine whether the original penalty is reasonable and whether the need for re sentencing conviction. (end)相关的主题文章: