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"Summer sweetheart" open war of the Chinese delicacy delicacy led runaway three brothers – Sohu entertainment "Jiangshan guidance" Sohu entertainment news 2016 large summer girl group variety show "summer sweetheart" tonight to sweet hurricane blowing! As a bonding 90 fashion variety depth, innovation, fun and interactive on the basis of + + to create "Mango future variety group" as the goal, to the all-round and deep mining sweethearts variety potential through a variety of assessment. The fifth phase of the program will be broadcast in the evening, sweethearts through to the team with the ability and coordination ability of the previous period after the examination, "summer sweetheart" once again into a new link — delicacy operations, the program group will live into a "delicacy paradise", and "sweetheart" will also incarnation as a delicacy Master, through the introduction of his beloved delicacy to show his eloquence, let the audience for a new round of investigation on the strength of their own variety. In order to help the hearts to stay in the big stage, whether in the help link in the game or broadcast links, "the elder brother" who is resorted to their primitive force, but in the face of delicacy temptation to you in a couple of months hard accumulation of revolutionary friendship moment has collapsed, the scene of anti! Competition rules "new in order to be different"   brother welcome sweetheart sweetheart "" summer break after the first stage of the self cognition, in order to cultivate the hearts of team cooperation consciousness, the field strain ability, language skills and self-expression, more comprehensive and deeper digging out the hearts of variety strength, in the fifth period in the show, "summer sweetheart" again to introduce a new "competition" link, adding "delicacy confrontation link interest +" and "+ interactive" coexist, and more stringent assessment system. A double responsibility help spread the angel "and" game captain "," brother to help spread the "combination of 22 teams, each led by honey group match, in the course of the game, the audience can also through the" sweethearts of personal performance for the honey sweet gift ring support. When the end of the game, the field will also appear sweet donuts get a few single charts, and in the process of PK transmission and a set of ranked two sweetheart must leave the stage and returned to the studio to cultivate their sense and variety to viewers. Delicacy strikes, rivalry, "brother" in their lead, hearts can break through numerous tests? The embodiment of the "honey Master delicacy"   chat; delicacy release positive energy "summer sweetheart" has been through the four period, before the three phase of the program of the trend, with the hearts of self presentation at promoting the audience for simple singing and dancing talent has apparently not surprising, so from the beginning of fourth period, "summer will the program’s sweetheart" interactive and entertaining up a class, through the introduction of a new part of the game, in the program to see the degree of enhancement at the same time, also focus on the cultivation of the "sweetheart" team cooperation ability and site response ability. In the fifth episode will be broadcast tonight, "summer sweetheart" program group will be "innovative" concept of divergence, the scene has become a "gourmet paradise", and the hearts of those who have.相关的主题文章: