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The second session of the Chinese education innovation public exposition opened in Beijing – Beijing, Beijing in September 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ximin) sponsored by Beijing Normal University, Beijing Normal University Chinese Education Innovation Institute hosted the second session of Chinese education innovation public fair (hereinafter referred to as "education fair) opened in Beijing on 23 may. The theme of the current education fair is focus on core literacy, to promote the structural reform of the supply side of education". Organizers said that the second session of the fair from March 2016 to the national collection of educational innovation, has been a positive response to the education sector, the business community and the public sector. Collection of educational innovation results from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Gansu, Tibet and other 23 provinces (cities, autonomous regions), after the expert review, a total of 191 innovative educational achievements. According to reports, based on the first Education Expo about education innovation on the definition of the second teaching fair clearly SERVE model of educational innovation, advocate the education innovation outstanding solutions should have the correct concept of value, standard rules, clear system and successful practice cases four core elements. In addition, according to the SERVE model, teaching and learning will not receive a simple book, paper type results, not simply to show the hardware equipment, but do not accept the results with a clear tendency to test. Based on the SERVE model, China Education Innovation Institute first recommended ten SERVE prize to teach Fair: Shanghai’s Information Consulting Co. Ltd. to "student comprehensive quality evaluation of information technology solutions," Baxter Shanghai education "financial literacy education of teenagers," Beijing green orange hit off the "Green Education Technology Co. Ltd. orange hit off the education overall solution", Guangxi Xinghua science and Technology Education Collaborative Innovation Platform "exploration technology — science and technology literacy education Xinghua innovation practice, photosynthetic new knowledge (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. the" onion online learning platform with mathematics ", the success of Shanghai education management consulting center" success education hosting the rural weak school practice mode and strategy ", Beijing post Hui entrepreneurship development center" career education and occupation literacy courses "Yu Ning, cultural development (Shanghai) Limited" growth — children online insurance consultant, Beijing Normal University China basic education quality monitoring Collaborative Innovation Center "school sports teaching reform of the 10+1 project, Taiwan Wu Ruhao teacher" the mathematics of magic — make mathematics classroom more attractive". Vice president of Beijing Normal University Chen Guangju said, education fair is a good platform for innovation and education exchanges and cooperation, a university education fair held annually, is itself an innovation of education, to promote education connotation of supply side structural reform, boost education development mode transformation, the realization of educational equity and promote enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, enhance the education level of modernization of governance, will have a positive and far-reaching impact. Beijing Normal University China Education Innovation Research Institute president Liu Jian said, the main focus of Teaching fair education connotation development, on the one hand will actively increase the effective supply of education, quality education to promote students’ innovative results show core competence development)相关的主题文章: