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Fengcheng dead: "they went out, and never come back" – Sohu news in November 24th 7 in the morning, Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant three construction projects in construction of cooling tower of the collapse of the platform, the accident caused a total of 74 people were killed and 2 injured. At present, the public security departments have controlled 13 related personnel. According to preliminary investigation, the accident and compression duration, assault production related. After the incident, the victims’ families have rushed to Fengcheng, they expect to see their loved ones last time, but do not know how to rebuild the more than and 70 pillar of the family has lost. The ginger: 41 year old female articles to Jiangxi Cardiff for the winter of Jiangxi, Fengcheng, the weather is cloudy, mist. As it was raining, it was wet and cold. The scene of the accident lost workers gloves. On the afternoon of November 26th, still a hotel in the town of 2, a room, Liu Futao and daughter from Hubei, Enshi, sitting on the bed, beside the local government arranged for the volunteers to accompany. Liu Futao is wearing a black jacket, red eyes, looked at her husband repeatedly over photos of the mobile phone, can not help but burst into tears. Liu Futao said her husband called Jiang Shan, 41 years old this year, is a carpenter, July 13th to Jiangxi, Fengcheng, the people have a daughter of the age of two, in the third grade in Wuhan. In addition, he has two brothers and sisters at home. Liu Futao and her husband Jiang Shan had a photo. Liu Futao memories, on the morning of November 24th, she had just eaten breakfast in the news, suddenly learned that Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant construction projects in the three phase of the cooling tower construction platform collapsed, the scene of heavy casualties. "Isn’t that where her husband works? When my heart was pulling together." Liu Futao said she picked up the phone to her husband, has been dialed more than and 20 times not yet connected. Then, she told her daughter, two people take turns to call, the phone has no answer. The scene of the accident with the rising number of deaths, Liu Futao felt a major event, she was out of the news, learned that her husband had been killed, finally can’t stay. Liu Futao worried that after livestock unattended, on the same day, she had a pig family killed, and for the children of the Grandpa. The next morning, Liu Futao took her daughter came to Nanchang emu. Bitter and so on 87 hours removed to Fengcheng, Liu Futao failed to see the last side of her husband. "The accident is too tragic, falling from more than and 70 meters high, I heard that some people do not have a complete body." Liu Futao said that she would like to go to work to see her husband’s accident scene, and ultimately can not be achieved. Liu Futao said, then, the local government sent them to arrange a hotel. In addition, also sent staff and volunteers, basically all around the clock. Relevant departments for their blood, and made a comparison of DNA sampling. From the 24 day of the incident in the morning to the afternoon of 27, a full 87 hours in the past, Liu Futao has been struggling to wait, want to see her husband last, but has not been able to do so. Liu Futao took her cell phone to see her husband. Until November 27th things turn. More than 3 pm, the reporter dial D相关的主题文章: