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The U.S. version of "intouchables" set "differences" Director Director Zhang Jing – Sohu Neal Entertainment – Berg will be a new "intouchables" director of Sohu entertainment news (the American version of "Da Zi) is preparing for the Weinstein film company and can not touch" (Untouchable), strike today the director, who filmed youth adventure blockbuster "differences" Neal – Berg (Neil Burger), will serve as the director of the film. Before the film has been locked in the play two actor: "breaking bad" in the "old white" Blaine – C Langston, and popular comedian Kevin Hart black, black and white will play a profound friendship in the film "". Neal – Berg in the past ten years, has taken the "magician" "world without end" and other works, Hollywood is a mature director, if the remake of "untouchable" can enter the awards season, his career will be further. "Untouchable" is the critically acclaimed 2011 French comedy, won best film at the Tokyo International Film Festival Golden kylin award, and on behalf of France declared Oscar best foreign film award, and in the European Film Award for the film, Francois – two actor Kruse and Omar and rounded out the match the actor finals. The film tells the story of a skydiving accident paralyzed because of the super rich, trying to find a suitable male nurse. Finally, a black man from a poor family got the job. At first, no one could believe that this guy could hold on for ten days, but as the days went on, the people of the two classes had built up an unshakable friendship. The whole film bursting point and tears are quite adequate, the humor is a weighty meet the eye everywhere, a high level of comedy film. Weinstein film company is the fancy design rich and dramatic lines play fantastic, and going to shoot a U.S. version, to compete for the next year’s Oscar awards. Four years ago, Weinstein had intended to invite Oscar actor Colin Firth plays paralysis millionaire, comedy actor Chris Tucker as a servant, but eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled after. The U.S. version of "untouchable" planned by "bridesmaids" director Paul Figg (Paul Feig) directed the project after the grounding, Weinstein hired Neal Berg as director. The movie is expected in the second half of this year was officially put on the shooting schedule, 2018 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: