Ministry of foreign affairs Abe Shinzo hopes to meet with Mr. Xi Jinping in Hangzhou and other issue-捷安特xtc750

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the net with the hope that the new Abe Shinzo Xi Jinping met in Hangzhou and other issues – Q: according to Hongkong media reports, Guangzhou banned some hotels from some countries tourists, ask whether this is for security reasons? Is the central government or local government decision-making in Guangzhou? A: I don’t know where you heard that. The Chinese government will not adopt such a policy. Yesterday, a Russian journalist also asked about the visa issue, I have to answer. First, we have never heard of such a government policy implemented in china. Second, the Chinese government has always encouraged friendly exchanges between the Chinese people and the people of other countries, and is willing to provide convenient measures. Q: the G20 summit in Hangzhou will be held in less than 10 days. I note that recent international media comments that China should use the opportunity to host the G20 summit in Hangzhou, focusing on sustainable development goals, better coordination of relevant concepts and actions to lead sustainable development. What specific measures will China have in this regard? A: indeed, there are many international media have noted that the development of a priority position will be an important feature of the G20 summit in Hangzhou. Driven by the Chinese side, this year’s group of twenty Summit for the first time put the development issue in a prominent position in the global macroeconomic policy framework, the first time around the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030 to develop a systematic plan of action. Inclusive and linkage development issues will face the problem of sustainable development, promote the coordinated development of the economy, the industry linkage win-win situation, prosperity and sharing of all walks of life, will become a major highlight of the summit. Specifically, we will promote the development of sustainable development agenda in 2030 to implement the plan of action, collective action and action in the country, and actively promote the implementation of their work at the same time, to provide support for other developing countries to implement practical action to contribute to the work of the United Nations main channel. We will work together to support the industrialization of Africa and the least developed countries to help these countries to accelerate industrialization and achieve poverty reduction and sustainable development goals. We will also discuss the widespread problems of agriculture, employment and inclusive business, focusing on women, youth and peasant, promote agricultural innovation and sustainable development, explore the macro policy adjustment and the expansion of employment relations, encourage the creation of employment through entrepreneurship. I believe that this year’s G20 will focus on the development of the issue of the Hangzhou summit will release a stronger signal to promote the implementation of international consensus on development, to inject new impetus to world economic growth. Q: in August 11th, there was a collision between a Greek cargo ship and a Chinese fishing boat near the Diaoyu Islands. So far, 8 Chinese sailors have not been found. How is the search going? Whether China and Japan in the search for cooperation? A: after the incident, we have answered the questions raised by the media through the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs. It should be said that in the process of the event, China government must have to search and rescue crew overboard, the two sides have carried out cooperation in some of the better, the foreign ministry spokesman had expressed appreciation. If there is any further information, we will provide you with the information in time..相关的主题文章: